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The all-new Kralk Audio 30 Range is due to be unveiled at The Audio Show, Leamington Spa this weekend but we have all the details now.

The prototype 30-4 was previewed at the North West Audio Show, Cranage earlier this year. Now, we are proud to exclusively reveal the production-ready 30 Range from Kralk Audio.

The Kralk 30 Range comprises of 5 brand new designs all featuring high-quality drive units. Additionally, they all use Bessel precision shielded resin cast crossovers for controlled frequency response throughout the audible range.

Kralk Audio 30 Range

All of the cabinets are infinite baffle designs except for the 30-3 which is bass reflex. Furthermore, all offerings can be fitted with Missing Link internal silver wiring at extra cost.

Another nice touch is that the cabinets and baffles can be finished in an extensive range of colours and veneers to suit all tastes and decor - something that you can only get with handmade-to-order speakers such as these.

Kralk Audio 30

Kralk Audio 30

The 30 is the smallest in the new range from the West Yorkshire-based company.

The infinite baffle design bookshelf speaker features a 130mm bass driver and an 18mm tweeter. The crossover is a 12db Bessel design using high-quality coils and capacitors. The frequency response is kept to +- 3dB over the operating range for faithful reproduction of music.

Kralk Audio 30-1

Kralk Audio 30-1

Next, in the line-up, we have the 30-1 which sports twin 130mm bass drivers but keeps with the infinite baffle design making them easy to place in a room without the problems that ported speakers can have.

The 30-1 follows the same design principals and also uses the Bessel crossover to keep all the drive units under control.

Kralk Audio 30-2

Kralk Audio 30-2

The 30-2 features twin 200mm poly bass drivers and a 32mm waveguide tweeter. Again, an infinite baffle design and we are told that the 30-2 has excellent presence and can handle all kinds of music with ease while still keeping a hold on every note and projecting an exemplary stereo image and a sense of realism which belies the cabinet size.

Kralk Audio 30-3

Kralk Audio 30 Range

The 30-3 is the only reflex ported speaker in the range and features a trio of 130mm bass drivers, two of which act as bass, and the other is a dedicated midrange driver in its own sealed cabinet. Additionally, the 30-3 also features the same 18mm tweeter as in the 30 and the 30-1.

The mastermind behind Kralk Audio, Alan Clark, told StereoNET:

I decided to include a ported design into the range for those that like a ported design. It still keeps the same +-3dB level across the frequency range, just like the rest of the speakers, but the ported design gives the 30-3 a different take on sound.

Kralk Audio 30-4

Kralk Audio 30-4

Top of the range is the 30-4. Here you have a 5-way design featuring twin 300mm bass drivers, a 200mm lower midrange, a 52mm midrange and a 25mm tweeter.

The 30-4 is an uncompromising design that lets you hear absolutely everything in the music.

The 200mm Scanspeak lower-mid driver is an amazingly capable unit and can resolve every bit of micro-detail of the musical content. The twin bass drivers mounted back to back in the bottom of the cabinet give tight, detailed bass and have astonishing power and control as anyone that heard the prototype can attest.

Finally, the dome mid tweeter combo driver handles the subtleties of the music and provide great openness to the sound.

Price and availability

Prices for the new 30 range are from £499 to £3900.

For more information head to Kralk Audio.


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