Bluesound Announces Streaming High-Res Audio Soundbar

Bluesound, fast becoming a leader in multi-room audio solutions adds even more value to their brand with the announcement of the world's first streaming, high-res audio soundbar.

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NAD Stereo Network Amplifier for Multi Room Audio

NAD Electronics have released their CI 720 Network Stereo Zone Amplifier and RM720 companion Rack Mount, allowing six independent stereo zones all accessible via the BluOS operating system.

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Bluesound Adds MQA Capability

Bluesound, the multi-room audio solution adds to their feature list with an upcoming firmware release allowing MQA playback capability.

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Review: Bluesound Node 2

Haven't heard of Bluesound before? You should, because they're currently taking the lead role in the multi-room and streaming audio category right now.

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