REVIEW: HiFiMAN Edition X Over Ear Headphone

Posted on 13th July, 2016

The Soundstage & Imaging

Compared to the HD800 and HE1000, the Edition X does fall behind in soundstage depth and width but it is by no means lacking. The soundstage of the HiFiMAN Edition X is, in fact, another one of its strengths. Sonic cues are projected higher than they are wide but the overall field of sound is expansive. This quality does improve with certain amps and DACs such as the Schiit Gungnir/Mjolnir.

One thing to note is that listening to the Edition X through the large soundstage setting on Fiio X7’s Spotify provides a marvellous listening experience on quite a few tracks. The whole experience is immersive and captivating and is certainly a feature worth investigating.

Imaging is also above average as these headphones are capable of separating elements while retaining a softness within its tonality. Music also sounds very balanced with an excellent centre-stage placement as with most other HiFiMAN headphones.

Aftermarket Cables

PlusSound is a cable company with great value for money and an impeccable customer service. In this review, I have tested their $299 USD silver and gold type Echo+ 4-wire cable with XLR termination.

Review: HiFiMAN Edition X Headphones

Compared to the stock cable, the Echo+ adds a finer layer of details and artefact which were previously hidden. Transients become sharper and the Edition X picks up a faster decay response adding some speed to tracks. As my version of the cable is designed for balanced use, the soundstage becomes somewhat wider than that of the stock single-ended cable provided by HiFiMAN. The Echo+ cable can be picked up here and is a recommended purchase to extract more of the finer details from tracks.


The Edition X represents the next venture in HiFiMAN’s pursuit of innovation and hi-fidelity. With superb efficiency, these headphones work a charm in the home and portable audio setting. At $2799 RRP, however, the Edition X constitutes a significant investment which should be considered for those with deep pockets and wanting a slice of innovation.

With a pleasant tonal character, rich bass and capacious soundstage these headphones do a lot of things right. Much like the HE-1000, the Edition X masterfully capitalises on the balance between accuracy and musicality. Transients, however, could have been slightly more forthright and treble extended to create some more sparkle but for what it is worth, this is a headphone that can be listened to for hours on end.

Together with its distinctive look and comfort, the Edition X is a worthy piece of any audiophile’s collection and definitely for those who can afford it.

HiFiMAN is distributed in Australia by Addicted to Audio.

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