Audiovector SR1 Series Loudspeakers

Posted on 14th September, 2015

To compliment the tweeter, the SR 1 Signature uses a long-throw 15cm (6”) bass midrange driver with fine membrane technology which is essentially a composite sandwich design of carbon glass fibre, and a nomex fibre mixture. It is very rigid, yet very light. The voice coil is wound on an extremely light and stiff titanium former, which reduces delay related distortion. The result is a vastly improved transient response.

Review: Audiovector SR1 Signature Loudspeakers

The drivers have actually been designed by Audiovector in-house and then hand built to their specification at Danish company, Scan-Speak, one of the world’s most famous factories for loudspeaker drivers.

The drivers are fixed to the cabinets with a 3 point fixing method in a special way that optimises the energy transfer between the driver and cabinet. One could accuse Audiovector for being fussy and exacting because even when it comes to doing up the bolts, they apply a carefully researched amount of torque to which each bolt or nut should be tightened. This is aimed at lowering distortion and increasing dynamics. Even the crossover uses specially selected components with 1% or better tolerance capacitors to ensure that every speaker passes an exhaustive quality control check. All of the loudspeakers are hand built.

Ole Klifoth, the CEO and Chief engineer at Audiovector states:

There is one vital aspect which has remained entirely constant over my +30 years with loudspeaker development: The rigorous process of listening, listening, and listening. If an “improvement” doesn't sound better, it is not an improvement.

To describe Audiovector's speakers in figures and statistics merely proves that they are world-class. But to actually listen is proof that it takes more than great technology to create something truly special.

Setup & Use

The SR 1 Signatures proved easy to setup to get the best out of them. In my room, I prefer to keep all loudspeakers at least 30cm away from the walls and sometimes more, especially the side walls. I didn’t find them overtly fussy at all for placement and am confident that they should sound fine in the majority of homes and circumstances that they find themselves. I preferred them aimed at my ears with a reasonable amount of toe-in, but also found that they sounded acceptably fine above or below ear level, as they project a large open soundstage.

Review: Audiovector SR1 Loudspeaker

They also worked well with a wide range of amplifiers. I tried everything from a 110W/channel AVM CS 2.2 to the NAD M22 250W/channel. Providing that you are sensible with the volume control, they will play very cleanly and with increased levels of punch and bass control. But there is no need for that much power to get these to sound nice as a clean 50W/channel amplifier will also get the job done very nicely. Of course as with any purchase I recommend that you listen to the prospective amplifier pairing yourself.

With the two pairs of binding posts available for connection to the amplifier, I found that the metal strip that connects the posts does slightly change the tone of the sound. I used a single pair of speaker cables with banana plugs and depending on whether you plug them into the top or bottom row, the amount of high frequency energy changes. You can think of it as a tuning device for your own personal taste and liking.


The SR 1 Signatures are a sonically likeable speaker. They have an easy going nature that allows you to put on your favourite music and just sit back and relax listening to it. It is well balanced, with smooth integration of the two drivers and a reasonably flat frequency response, which is inoffensive and enjoyable. While the supplied pair already had some running hours before arriving, unsurprisingly I noticed that the more that they seasoned with use, the smoother they became. I had them playing all day in the background and enjoyed them with a wide variety of music being played. It is difficult for me to categorically state what genre of music they suited best, as virtually everything sounds marvellous.

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