Yes Ministra - New Neat Acoustics Bookshelf Speaker

Posted on 20th January, 2020

Yes Ministra - New Neat Acoustics Bookshelf Speaker

Neat Acoustics will be bringing its latest little bundle of joy, Ministra, to the Bristol Show Hi-Fi 2020.

Following hard on the heels of Neat Acoustics' amazing Ekstra loudspeaker, comes the bookshelf version, the Ministra.

Neat Acoustics Ministra Bristol 2020
The £1,795 Neat Ministra features the same 50mm true ribbon tweeter and 134mm treated paper cone bass/midrange drive units as the Ekstra but presented in an extremely compact 30x17x29cm (H/W/D) iso-baric model.

Just as with its Ekstra stablemate, the Ministra's drive units are mounted on a separate baffle attached to the main enclosure via a polyethylene membrane; a design that promises to ensure very low colouration.

Neat Acoustics Ministra Bristol 2020

The Ministra is a boundary design, and so intended for discreet close to-wall placement which makes it ideal for bookshelf use or for those with limited space.

We are told that “the presentation is typically Neat” and, as such, we can expect the Ministra to be musically engaging, with a generous soundstage and tremendous agility, according to the makers. Furthermore, they add that the bass is surprisingly well-extended, displaying the same levels of control shown with other Neat iso-baric designs - Neat quotes their sensitivity as (2.83v/1m): 86 dB/1 watt.

Neat Acoustics Ministra Bristol 2020
We are looking forward to meeting the Neat Acoustics Ministra at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020 next month.

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Price and availability

Orders for the Neat Ministra can be placed now for £1,795.

For more information, check out Neat Acoustics.


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