Wired For Sound

Posted on 27th February, 2014

Wired For Sound

Is there anyone who refutes the contribution a quality cable makes to the sound of a Hi-Fi system?

While the genre is full of snake oil salesmen, hucksters and harpies, reputable manufacturers abound. Fitting that criteria is the award winning cable maestro, Atlas cables.

Its budget Element range was highly praised by the people who do 'What HiFi', who befittingly gave the range the accolade of ‘Best Interconnect’ for its price point two years in a row.

Atlas doesn't make outlandish claims for its cables. They’re not assembled by Vestal Virgins and Blessed by Buddhist monks on the side of a sacred hill. But a point worth making is the cables are hand crafted in Scotland which for the Scots and owners of the Linn LP12 turntable is close to Holy Ground.

Whatever. Point is, Atlas cables are now available to Australian and Kiwi audiophiles. Westan is the new distributor for both countries. The company also handles Q Acoustics and Usher Audio.

For further information, please contact Westan Australia.

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