Posted on 19th August, 2018


British speaker brand, Wharfedale, announces a solution for your slim TV’s equally skinny sound.

As impressively thin as today’s televisions are, that lack of case depth also means there’s nowhere to place drivers large enough to give the sound quality to match the images produced by cutting-edge visual tech such as 4K, HDR and OLED.

The simplest, and often the most cost-effective solution is to add a soundbar to your TV stand. This is where Wharfedale’s latest offering comes in to play.

Its new Vista 200 stereo soundbar is an affordable solution that promises a significant sonic upgrade despite its low-profile design and thoroughly modest £150 price tag.

Measuring just 90cm in length and 6.2cm high, its sleek form factor allows it to sit unobtrusively beneath the screen without spoiling even the most stylish TV aesthetic. Whether placed on a TV stand or mounted on a wall using the supplied bracket, it will look good in any environment.

The Vista 200 sports a pair of high-quality dynamic driver assemblies, positioned at either end of the soundbar’s length to ensure spacious stereo sound. These are further augmented by two reflex ports to aid bass response.

The drivers are powered by 2 x 30W stereo amplifiers. Additionally, three equaliser settings labelled ‘Movie’, ‘Music’ and ‘News’ provide a degree of sonic tailoring to suit whatever the user is watching or listening to.

Wharfedale says:

The Vista 200 produces a sound that is crisply detailed yet tonally rich – a powerful, highly intelligible delivery that ensures voices are clear, sound effects are impactful and music is full-bodied and engaging.

Connectivity-wise, there are HDMI (ARC), optical and coaxial inputs. There is also a 3.5mm analogue input, which means you can connect a TV (or an audio device) via RCA or headphone output.

The Vista 200 also has Bluetooth built-in, enabling users to pair devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops with the soundbar. If your TV supports Bluetooth, you can connect it to the soundbar wirelessly rather than using a cable.

Finally, if your TV supports HDMI (ARC), you can use your TV remote control to adjust the volume of the soundbar. Naturally, when connected in this way, the soundbar also conveniently powers up or down automatically when the TV is switched on or off.

The Vista 200 soundbar is available from mid-August at £149.99 and will be joined by the Vista 200S this autumn.

Wharfedale Vista 200S

The Vista 200S bundles the same Vista 200 soundbar with a compact, slimline active subwoofer. Measuring 40.9x12x30cm (HxWxD), it packs in a 165mm driver and 60W amplification. Wharfedale says “this results in deep, punchy bass to augment the soundbar and adds a more room-filling performance.”

The subwoofer connects to the soundbar wirelessly, so there are no trailing cables to worry about, and bass levels can be adjusted via the supplied remote control.

The Wharfedale Vista 200S soundbar and subwoofer package will sell for £229.95 RRP.

For more information visit Wharfedale.


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