VPI Vanquish Magnetic Drive flagship turntable

Posted on 4th November, 2019

VPI Vanquish Magnetic Drive flagship turntable

VPI Industries has been dropping jaws again, this time with the debut of the Vanquish Magnetic Direct Drive Turntable at Capital Audiofest.

What better way to round of VPI Industry's 40th Anniversary Celebration Year than with the unveiling of an all-new state-of-the-art turntable system?

VPI Vanquish Magnetic Drive

The eye-catching Vanquish Table is a refined version of a Bespoke/limited model made by VPI Founder Harry Weisfeld,  dubbed 'The Vanquish'. However, the new model uses advancements in Direct Drive Technology based on VPI's HW-40 Direct Drive motor albeit with a “next-level design”.

VPI Vanquish Magnetic Drive

VPI Engineer Mike Bettinger's material studies, motion control circuitry/software, and vibration isolation technology were the basis of the new Vanquish's further refinements.

Additionally, the Vanquish is a Magnetic Direct Drive Turntable.

Triple Tonearms

The Vanquish sports VPI's Reference tripod design and so gives you the option to mount up to three tonearms of any length, type, or brand. VPI holds the belief that tonearms are very personal and are a subjective choice for the listener.

VPI Vanquish Magnetic Drive

Vanquish 14-inch Fatboy

The Vanquish is available with VPI's latest in high-resolution 3D printed 14-inch Fatboy tonearm (choice of Uni or Gimbal bearing). However, the Vanquish, like the HW-40, includes “hidden” wiring as opposed to usual LEMO plug termination with a wire loop. For the Vanquish Fatboy Arm, the internal Nordost tonearm wire connects directly into the Phono stage. This not only creates a neater aesthetic but reduces the number of connections between the cartridge and phono stage. The Vanquish Fatboy is VPI's first 14-inch 3D printed tonearm that provides both rigidity and resonance cancelling.

VPI Shyla Cartridge

You will notice that the tonearm here is fitted with a Shyla cartridge, named after Mat's daughter. From what we gather, this is based on an AudioTechnica ART series cart.

Speaking of resonance cancelling, the new Vanquish armboard layers have been designed for additional isolation for the tonearm.

External Power and Control

VPI Vanquish Magnetic Drive

Also, bit the power supply and motor controls have been relocated to external unites for additional shielding and noise reduction.

VPI Vanquish Magnetic Drive

The Vanquish comes complete with the anodised ruby finish Vanquish Phono Stage which is the next evolution of the VPI Voyager Phono, another design by Mike Bettinger. The Phono Stage can take multiple inputs, and while the prototype model only has two inputs, the amount of inputs for the production model is yet to be determined.

The build and finish take the company's existing phono stage technology to a whole other level and uses the same isolation feet found on the HW-40.

All the Vanquish components are nestled in the VPI Vanquish Stand. The luxurious stand shares the sleek design and materials from the award-winning VPI Avenger Series Turntable.  The stand features machined openings at the rear for easy and neat cable runs. Furthermore, the rack provides enough space to conveniently add a line stage.  


The VPI Vanquish Magnetic Direct Drive pricing is still to be finalised, but VPI is suggesting around $100 –$120K.

For more information, head to VPI Industries.


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