VPI Industries Produces PPE for Local Hospitals

Posted on 6th April, 2020

VPI Industries Produces PPE for Local Hospitals

Following VPI's switch from manufacturing turntables to hand sanitiser, the Cliffwood company is now also producing face masks and supplying 3D printed parts for ventilators.

VPI Face Shield

VPI continues to show ingenuity to help its community and its carers. Firstly, the audio company has formed face masks by using the clear plastic covers of its brochures with packaging foam as forehead strips. Turntable drive belts are here employed as headbands. We are told that they have delivered over 100 face masks to local hospitals.

VPI Intubation Shield

VPI turntables are renowned for their 3D printed tonearms, and the company has now turned to its local 3D printing partner to create specialist parts for hospital ventilators. However, to make additional products to help medical teams, VPI needed clear plastic. It appears that plastic is currently in very short supply and cynically over-priced. However, Company President, Mat Weisfeld, made a successful appeal to his suppliers, and the clear plastic he received has allowed VPI to create intubation hoods for the local hospitals.

Mat Weisfeld, told StereoNET:

I am proud of the efforts of both the VPI team and its partners in manufacturing vital medical equipment. When I delivered the hand sanitiser and face masks to one of our local hospitals, I was truly humbled by the senior medic I met who was totally delighted with what we were able to supply. At VPI, we'll continue to do our best to help who we can during this difficult time.

For more information and donations: www.vpidirect.com/store/p376/Donate

We applaud this brilliant support of the medical teams out on the front line.


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