Posted on 12th December, 2018


Voxtok and Napster enhance your audio experience with RCA's Smart Soundbar.

Voxtok, the Sound Division of Netgem, has just announced Music Avenue, the first fully personalised audio service designed for TV. The new service comes with the Smart Soundbar from Radio Corporation of America - better known as RCA.

Music Avenue has been designed for TV and is available on mobile devices. Voxtok told us that this comprehensive and simple-to-use audio service brings together multiple sources such as personalised music video channels and user playlists. Furthermore, it offers unlimited music through Napster, information and news about artists, albums releases, concerts; and even vinyl record delivery. Finally, it will also integrate with your multiroom environment.

Suggestions for music video channels are inspired by your musical taste and playlists.  Music Avenue also recommends content discovery, drawing from a rich catalogue of music that spans all genres and eras.

RCA Smart SoundBar and Voxtok

Joel Reboul, General Manager and founder of Voxtok told StereoNET:

Music Avenue offers an entirely personalised and original service by creating an easy connection between the music and video world, and with a subtle integration between digital and physical content. Through RCA's Smart Soundbar, Music Avenue with the Napster platform built-in delivers great music and an absolutely unique entertainment solution.

Claire Villeneuve, head of Trademark Licensing for Technicolor (Owner of RCA Brand), adds:

The RCA brand helped build the broadcasting and radio industry, serving music artists and households with everything ranging from recording technologies to the first in-home radios and consumer electronics. The Smart Soundbar is the result of years of innovation in the digital industry.

RCA and Music Avenue at CES 2019

RCA Smart SoundBar

To be officially announced at CES 2019, RCA's Smart SoundBar is the first device to feature the Music Avenue suite. Smart SoundBar is a multi-room soundbar that incorporates TV, Video and Music into one. Smart Soundbar also features Alexa, allowing you to control entertainment, smart home devices and more using just your voice.

In addition to its extensive music capabilities, thanks to Music Avenue, RCA's Smart soundbar also provides access to a wide range of video content. For instance, netgem.tv gives UK users a complete suite of programs including free national channels and their associated interactive services (in this case FreeviewPlay), premium channels, as well as popular international streaming video services. Everything is easily accessible by voice with Alexa or through a TV remote control or the smartphone application.

There will be a preview presentation of the Music Avenue service at CES 2019 (Suite Netgem 29-320 Venetian), as well as of the RCA Smart SoundBar distributed in Europe, at Booth of RCA (Central Hall, Booth #B 14706), Amazon and Voxtok (Suite Netgem 29-320). Music Avenue plans the first deployments in Europe the second quarter of 2019.

Pricing has yet to be detailed but we are expecting more information later this month, so stay tuned.


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