Posted on 7th June, 2019


Volumio brought a cool-looking bit of audio streaming tech to High End Munich this year, and they call it Motivo.

Volumio is an upcoming Italian company who started out making web-based streaming software which has pretty much become the default for anyone running a Raspberry Pi-based streamer. Also, Pro-Ject uses a tweaked version to run its Stream Box S2.

Volumio Motivo

Now Volumio has started building hardware starting with the Primo streamer with Asus core, and ESS 9038 Sabre DAC price at €479.

However, it was the new Motivo network player that was drawing reasonable crowds at the Munich show.

Volumio Motivo

The Volumio Motivo packs a built-in 8-inch OLED touchscreen display for navigation and playback control while, at the rear, there are analogue and USB outputs that run a 32/768 capable DAC. Finally, a red rotary dial handles power on/off and volume control. Wireless streaming is dealt with by wireless 2.4 and 5 GHz and Bluetooth 4.1.

Under the hood the Motivo re-clocks audio data using an FPGA before being double-buffered and sent to the DAC chip. Analogue outputs include both single-ended and balanced with digital going through USB, coaxial and TOSLINK outputs. Additionally, there’s a brace of HDMI outputs: one for video (to output the Motivo’s display to your big screen) and one that’s an I2S digital audio feed.

Volumio Motivo

The community-focused Volumio is looking for your input in the final design phase of the Motivo with shipping of the unit pencilled in for September with the player expected to cost around €1,550.

If you want to chip in with some ideas and get priority access to preorders when it becomes available, head on over to Volumio’s website.

We are looking forward to seeing how this project progresses.


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