Visit VPI House This Weekend

Posted on 24th April, 2020

Visit VPI House This Weekend

Why not drop into the VPI House this weekend?

Starting this evening at 17:00, VPI will be hosting an e-event at the VPI House in New Jersey. Each room in the house features an extensive range of performance audio products from manufacturers such as MOON, Nordost, Totem, Shinola and, of course, VPI Industries.

VPI Titan

During the sessions, you will get a tour of VPI House, and the opportunity to listen to the systems in action. Moreover, you will get the chance to interact with the manufacturers through Facebook messenger.

Schedule – Day One

17:00 – Introduction - why the E-Event, industry efforts during COVID-19 and PPE supplies.
18:00 - Guided Room Walk - Meet the Manufacturer.

  • Tesla Room- VPI Titan, VPI Blood Wood (Robyatt Audio), Raidho Acoustics, MOON by Simaudio, Nordost Cables, Modwright Instruments, IsoAcoustics
  • Planck Room- VPI Prime Signature, VPI Voyager, Shyla Cartridge (Audio-Technica USA), Cardas Audio, Arion Audio, Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC, Odyssey, IsoAcoustics
  • Curie Room - VPI Prime, VPI Voyager, Ortofon, Wilson Audio, AudioQuest, Rogers High Fidelity, IsoAcoustics
  • Kelvin Room - VPI HW-40, Van den Hul USA, CAT, Essential Sound Products, Inc., Transparent Cable, JBL
  • Einstein Room Front - VPI Vanquish, AudioShield, Van Den Hul, EMM Labs Inc., Credo Audio - of Switzerland, Nordost, Wolf Audio Systems
  • Einstein Room Back - VPI HW-40, Soundsmith, Stacked Quads, Synergistic Research, World of McIntosh

20:00 - Virtual Walk the Show - the single stream will break off into multiple streams so viewers can “walk” into the rooms they want to learn more about, request songs (list will be provided) and chat more with the manufacturers.

The livestream will be on Facebook and VPI's YouTube channel and starts at 17:00 today. It will continue throughout the weekend with a different daily schedule but all starting at 17:00. Visit to enjoy the event.


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