Vinyl Record Cleaning Company - New VRC Mini System and More ESP

Posted on 29th November, 2019

Vinyl Record Cleaning Company - New VRC Mini System and More ESP

The Vinyl Record Cleaning Company has announced an extended range of cleaning products and services.

Handily timed at the launch of its revamped website, the Vinyl Record Cleaning Company (VRCC) has announced new cleaning solutions and services for your vinyl record collection.

Firstly, the Australian company tells us that its Easy Spread n' Peel (ESP) vinyl record cleaning film is now available in three different concentrations to better suit a range of records. So, no matter whether you are about to tackle older long-stored collections, regularly-played well-maintained disks or brand new LPs, there is now a matching ESP formula for the job.

VRCC VRC system

Long-stored vinyl records typically demonstrate cleaning challenges, such as mould growth and tightly bound particulate contamination. In contrast, brand new records generally only require a light clean to remove production residues. Moreover, irrespective of age, all vinyl records benefit from antistatic treatment, so VRCC has made this a standard feature throughout the ESP range. ESP is available in 210ml and 500ml bottles with the latter being enough to clean 50 12-inch records.

We are advised that ESP is best applied using VRCC's Vinyl Record Cleaning System (VRCS) which is made up of a stand and spacers as well as application measuring cup, brush, ESP, tape, stylus tip cleaner and marking stickers. You will no doubt have worked out that this cleaning system is manual.

The VRC System comes with stack rack that holds up to 20 records (both 7- and 12-inch) retails for AUD189.95 (£99). The new VRC Mini System that caters for up to 6 records at a time costs AUD110.95 (£58).

If you happen to be in Australia, VRCC offers a courier-based cleaning service. Your records receive a thorough restoration service by the VRC method, with minor repairs performed to covers as needed. Older records also receive a new antistatic sleeve.

Details of the products and services offered by VRCC can be found on its new-look website.


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