Posted on 18th June, 2018


Triangle’s Elara active speakers are a good thing. So good, the French speaker brand has returned to the wireless active speaker scene with two new models.

Both fly under a banner called “Sensa” and the bookshelf speaker models are called the SN01A and SN03A.

The thing is, just like the Elara, these well-equipped actives will sell for a wallet-friendly price.

In Europe, the SN01A carries a £399 price tag while the SN03A is a little more and will cost £449.

Just like the Elara, only cheaper, both of the new Sensa speakers are designed to appeal to a market that’s heavily into streaming music and movies.

High-resolution streaming can be achieved by pairing your compatible smart device to the speakers where a built-in Bluetooth AptX equipped receiver will process your high-resolution music.

The Sensa speakers also carry built-in Class D amplifiers. Makes sense, because these digital amps run cool and moreover have a very small footprint.

The amplifier in the SN01A generates 40 watts per channel and the one in the SNO3A puts out 50 watts per channel.

These output figures may seem modest, but because the amps are so close to the speaker drivers wired by very short runs of cable, there would be minimal signal loss.

The close proximity of amp to drivers also ensures a decent level of dynamic grunt and a quick response to musical crescendos.

In a nod to smart living environments, Triangle offers buyers a choice of finishes in either White or Black.

The new Sensa speakers will be available from June 4. Both models are bundled with a 3.5mm and an RCA cable.

For more information visit Triangle.


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