Posted on 21st September, 2017


Slinky French speaker brand Triangle has all the bases covered with its new Elara range of active and passive models.

The Elara Loudspeaker series has something to tempt everyone. They're said to be affordable and will appeal to music lovers keen to snare a French speaker with oodles of pleasing sound and style panache.

“Mais Oui”, do we hear you say?

Having a pair of vibrant LN01A compact and active speakers here for review, confirms the Elaras will be fun to live with for the long haul for those that love their music but don’t obsess with audiophilic subtleties.

Triangle Elara Active Turntable Pack

Our Elara partnered by a Triangle branded but Pro-Ject built turntable, fitted with an Ortofon OM-10E cartridge and linked to our family TV has our feet stomping whenever it’s switched on.

The Elara passive range comprises the LN01 which is a 2-way bass reflex bookshelf speaker, the LN02, a 2-way bass reflex centre channel, the LN05 2.5–way bass reflex floorstander and the top of the range LN07 2.5-way bass reflex floorstander.

The active models start with the Elara LN01A 2-way active compact that uses a 28mm silk dome tweeter crossing over to a 135mm treated paper cone woofer equipped with dual magnet and no dust cap.

Power to the speakers comes from 2 x 50 watts per channel Class D amplifiers. This model features Bluetooth aptX 4.0 and has Toslink optical and RCA coaxial inputs, a 3.5mm AUX input, turntable phono input, subwoofer output, bass and treble adjustments and a remote control.

The floorstanding active model is called the LN05A. This floorstander carries a 28mm silk dome tweeter that works with two 135mm treated paper cone woofers. Sensitivity of all Triangle speakers is high and this model delivers 90dB/m.

And like the compact LN01A it has Bluetooth aptX 4.0 on-board and the same range of inputs.

The Elara range is available in Black or White finish. Prices have not yet been confirmed.

For more information visit the Triangle brand page.


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