Posted on 1st July, 2019


David Denyer PR has just announced a new working relationship with London-based Townshend Audio.

The highly qualified engineers at Townshend Audio have been spending the past five years working towards helping create a dream hi-fi system. The company’s quest is simply to discover the best solution for every challenge in the audio replay chain and to build to the ideal high fidelity music reproduction system — no small task.

Townshend Audio David Denyer PR

Townshend’s current product range includes cables, preamplifiers and, perhaps what it’s most renowned for, isolation products. However, over the years, the company has also created a succession of legendary turntables incorporating unique technologies, as well as producing some equally innovative – and massive – loudspeakers.

Townshend Audio David Denyer PR

Owner Max Townshend says his creative process is guided by a combination of common sense and sound engineering practice. He told StereoNET:

It’s a process of exploration and discovery. Whatever product we happen to be developing, our basis is to revisit almost every component in the audio chain, from source to speaker. There’s no single technology or silver bullet that can transform an ordinary hi-fi system into an excellent one. One has to be rigorous in every aspect, every detail.

David Denyer PR Townshend Audio

David Denyer of the specialist hi-fi PR company says of the new partnership:

I’ve known Max Townshend for many years and have always thought him to be a highly original thinker and a creator of truly original design and engineering. A lot of companies talk about being innovators. Townshend simply are innovators.

Their seismic isolation products and F1 fractal cables, for example, are both highly original and extremely effective. I’m really looking forward to working with Townshend to help the brand and its products to achieve the market awareness and recognition they deserve.

Townshend Audio David Denyer PR

It is great to see two highly professional companies work together, and we at StereoNET look forward to their continued success.

For more information, go to Townshend Audio.


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