Posted on 13th September, 2018


Canadian speaker builder Totem Acoustic announced its first active loudspeaker system at its unveiling at CEDIA 2018. The new bookshelf speaker system, called KIN Play, is a master/slave set-up equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Totem KIN Play is configured with the left 'Master' speaker containing the amplifiers and connections. The right speaker is passive and powered by the master via a speaker cable.

Totem Kin Play

According to Totem, the KIN Play is more than just another Bluetooth speaker. Firstly, it is the first active loudspeaker from the Canuck company. Contrary to what many audiophiles want to believe, Bluetooth connectivity has a broad appeal. Furthermore, these new speakers are sporting version 4.1 with aptX and aptX HD for up to 16 bits/48 kHz. However, for those that require a hardwired connection, you can also use the TOSLINK optical (24bit/192 kHz) and analogue inputs.

The analogue input has a selector switch to choose between an ordinary line input and phono for MM turntable cartridges. Bass-heads can also add a subwoofer via the Sub output.

Totem Kin Play ports

The Totem KIN Play uses a powerful five-inch Customised Natural Hybrid woofer and a one-inch custom-made metal alloy dome tweeter. According to the manufacturer, the specified frequency range is between 50 Hz and 20 kHz. The built-in amplifier has a capacity of 2x120 watts.

The Totem KIN Play measures 180 x 355 x 235 millimetres. The active loudspeaker weighs 7.2 kilograms and the passive speaker 5.4 kilograms. Those dimensions could make the system perfect for a computer or desktop system,

The new system should come on the market in November in a Satin Black finish with magnetic grilles. Also bundled in with the speakers are the necessary cables for connection to different sources and a matching IR remote control.

The UK price and release date have yet to be confirmed. However, I am hearing rumours of a US ticket price of $999. Naturally, that will be without tax and all the other costly additions. We have reached out to Totem so hopefully will have more information soon.


As promised, Totem has replied to our request and confirm that the KIN Play will cost £999 inclusive of VAT and be available from November.

For more information visit Totem Acoustic.


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