TONE Factory Turntable Project

Posted on 19th December, 2019

TONE Factory Turntable Project

TONE Factory has a new turntable project - or should we say Pro-Ject?

TONE Factory is planning to release its minimalist and affordable turntable in June 2020. The brainchild of three young designers in Vienna TONE Factory worked with Austrian neighbours, Pro-Ject Audio Systems in creating a user-friendly and sleek-looking vinyl playback system. 

TONE Factory turntable

The TONE Factory Bluetooth, belt-drive turntable, has doubled its funding target on Kickstarter with Early Bird prices starting at €229 - and so proves that there's definitely a market for it.

What makes this turntable so attractive to so many? Firstly, it has been designed to be easy to set-up and use. Not only does the vinyl spinner pack a built-in phono stage, but you also get a Bluetooth transmitter. This means you have the option to either plug it into your amp or pair it with a Bluetooth speaker.

TONE Factory turntable

Granted, there are already turntables with such features. However, where the TONE Factory turntable looks to differentiate itself from the others is with its flat, compact design. The streamlined aesthetic is achieved by storing the motor, phono stage and Bluetooth module in the circular aluminium base. Furthermore, the base also forms the structural foundation of the turntable with the chassis sitting atop. This design also means that the TONE turntable can sport its uncommonly flat look - any flatter and you'd be laying your LPs directly on the plinth. 

Good looking? Well, the innovative design gained the Austrian Design Prize 2019 and was part of the exhibition “Best of Austrian Design” in Vienna.   

TONE Factory turntable

As well as tapping Pro-Ject's substantial turntable knowledge, TONE Factory has also produced a cartridge with “close cooperation with Ortofon”, too. The result of Ortofon's input is found at the end of a one-piece light-weight tonearm. The integrated counterweight is as thick as the tonearm but made from a higher density material to ensure the perfect balance and tracking weight. 

TONE Factory Turntable tonearm and Ortofon cart

With the partnerships mentioned, keen price point, clean lines and fuss-free operation, the TONE Factory turntable could well be a winner.

The turntable will start shipping to backers in June 2020 and then will appear in TONE Factory's online store in July. This could be a great starter deck or a way to add vinyl playback to an office or second room.


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