The Soft Parade Deluxe Vinyl from MQA Master

Posted on 21st November, 2019

The Soft Parade Deluxe Vinyl from MQA Master

The Doors' fourth LP release, The Soft Parade, is the latest to receive special remastering treatment using the MQA master file.

The new deluxe edition reissue of The Soft Parade by The Doors caught our eye, not just because we're fans of the Morrison-lead band, but because this 180-gram vinyl re-release has been remastered by Bruce Botnick using the MQA master file.

The Doors The Soft Parade MQA Deluxe Edition

Botnick will know these tracks inside out being The Doors' longtime engineer, so it is of particular interest that he chose to use the MQA master file for all formats: vinyl and CD, as well as streaming on TIDAL. 

Bruce Botcnick told StereoNET:

One of the great pleasures of MQA, beyond its ability to give the listener high-resolution sound, is having a true centre come out of two loudspeakers or earphones. The deblurring process corrects the image shift in such a way that, when listening to a playback, it's easy to imagine that there is a discrete centre loudspeaker. MQA, for me, is quite an emotional experience.

This new release commemorates the album's 50th anniversary and spans a 3CD/1LP set that includes the original studio album and the B-side Who Scared You as well as more than a dozen unreleased songs. 

We're so intrigued that we hope to put the new MQA remaster against the original, so stay tuned.


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