Munich High End 2015: A Taste of the Future

Posted on 14th May, 2015

Munich High End 2015: A Taste of the Future

Manufacturers flock to Munich, Germany in May to show off their latest and greatest creations; the cream of available technology. Many companies wait until a major show like CES in Las Vegas or High End in Munich to release important updates to their product range or to release totally new models. Many that are totally new to the industry have their product launches in public at a major event like Munich. If you’re a regular to the StereoNET News items, you would have noticed a steady stream of news items that mention the show. 

So important is the show, that many Australian distributors, dealers and manufactures are attending the High End show to witness first hand the opportunities presented at a major show like Munich. Essentially it's a trade fair where major industry players as well as the smaller boutique businesses get together and exhibit their products and market their ideas. Business is conducted, deals are done, products are launched and distributors found for an ever growing plethora of brands and manufacturers.

This year at the show, there will be more than 500 exhibitors and 900 brands, staggering numbers indeed! It is Europe's most important audio show. Thursday, the first day is open only to the trade, whilst Friday to Sunday are also open to the public.

Because of the show's importance, particularly to Europe, where a large proportion of the world's manufacturers are situated, along with the rest of the world, the latest and greatest technology is showcased. This means that products being shown will hit the internet and our local shops some time afterward. Effectively its a look into the future of the equipment that we will be listening to. 

See a short video presentation of the show:

StereoNET will endeavor to keep you up to date with as many interesting product and information releases as we can. You can follow these releases at the Munich 2015 tag, as well as the Discussion Thread.

For more information, visit High End Society.

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