TAGA Harmony HTA-700B v.3 and Thunder SW-12 Subwoofer

Posted on 11th March, 2020

TAGA Harmony HTA-700B v.3 and Thunder SW-12 Subwoofer

TAGA Harmony has announced two new versions of its HTA-700B hybrid integrated amplifier as well as the Thunder SW-12 subwoofer.

The Warsaw-based hi-fi brand has revealed the latest iterations of its popular mid-size hybrid integrated amplifier, the HTA-700B v.3.

TAGA Harmony HTA-700B V.3

Coming in standard and USB flavours, the HTA-700B v.3 sports a brace of 12AU7 Shuguang vacuum tubes as a buffer amp in the preamp section with a pair of TDA7296 transistors in the output stage.

In addition to the two analogue ins, the HTA-700B V.3 has an optical input and a built-in high-resolution 24bit / 192kHz DAC (based on SA9123 and AK4430 circuits) catering for a range of digital devices. Also, if you want to go wireless, Bluetooth v4.0 is onboard, too. As you have probably already guessed, the USB version adds an asynchronous USB-Type B connection for additional digital options from a computer or alternative digital source.

TAGA Harmony HTA-700B V.3 USB

The amplifier features “audiophile-grade” Wima capacitors at either side of the tube chain, and for the tone regulators. Additionally, the well-respected ALPS volume potentiometer mitigates noise and channel crosstalk.

A revised 150W toroidal transformer provides the juice with an individual, oversized aluminium heat sinks for each channel keeping things cool.

TAGA Harmony rates the HTA-700B v.3's output at 300mW, 300ohm and a published frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz (±2dB). Further specs include a stated total harmonic distortion of ≤1% (1kHz/ 1W) with a signal/noise ratio of 75dB.

Finally, the HTA-700B v.3 boasts a high-end headphone preamplifier, along with a dedicated preamp output to hook up an external power amplifier, active speakers, or powered subwoofer.

Thunder SW-12

TAGA Harmony Thunder SW-12 Subwoofer

That brings us on nicely to TAGA Harmony's new Thunder SW-12. Here we have a 12-inch single paper-cone driver subwoofer with a slotted rear port paired with an in-built high-current amplifier.

TAGA Harmony Thunder SW-12 subwoofer

The built-in Class A/B amplifier delivers 350 watts of power and 30Hz - 200Hz (±3dB) frequency response. Thanks to an integrated clipping limiter you can rest assured that you are getting optimal performance as well as safe operation from the amp and woofer even at extremely high volume levels, says TAGA Harmony.

Tipping the scales at almost 7.5 kg the woofer utilises a metal chassis, 2-magnet structure and a robust 65 mm voice coil.

UK pricing has yet to be confirmed for the amps and the subwoofer at the time of publishing.


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