Posted on 23rd September, 2019


T+A has adds the new PA 1100 E integrated amplifier and DAC to its already competent E Series.

The T+A PA 1100 E is the combination of the company's PA 1000 E analogue integrated amplifier with a high-level 32-bit DAC.

T+E PA1100E Integragted Amp

The newly developed Digital Connecting Board adds four high-quality digital SP/DIF inputs, a computer USB input and an aptX Bluetooth module to the PA 1100 E's analogue inputs.

The USB-B input enables high-resolution playback from a PC or via Ethernet / USB bridges such as Roon or NAA, using data rates of up to 384 kHz for PCM and up to DSD 256 (12 MHz).

T+A PA1100E Integragted amp

The “advanced segment” DAC is equipped with a PLL clock resynchronisation to minimise jitter and all external disturbances.

The PA 1100 E features both a standard FIR filter as well as superior T+A Bezier for oversampling duties. This combination should present an unadulterated reconstruction of the analogue signal without digital artefacts.

T+A PA1100E Integrated Amp

Additionally, the four SP/DIF digital inputs (coax at 192 kHz and optical at 96 kHz) can be used to enable external sources to be converted by the integral DAC to high-quality levels. 

The pre-amplifier of the PA 1100 E has been developed to be absolutely neutral. Furthermore, you can use the Flat switch that removes the tone controls and Loudness function from the signal path completely.

Combined with the modern power amplifier, which is capable of driving even large and demanding loudspeakers, the PA 1100 E stacks up to be an impressive integrated stereo amp.

Optional Modules

If you have a turntable, you can add the optional phono module which enables you to enjoy your vinyl collection.
Finally, you can also add an HDMI module. This brings two HDMI inputs to the party along with an HDMI output with ARC for your television or Blu-ray player.

Price and availability

The T+A PA 1100 E is available now, with an SRP of £3,660. The optional HDMI card is £390.

For more information, go to T+A Elektroakustik.

Tech Spec

Specifications power-amplifier

  • Nominal output per channel 4 Ohms / 8 Ohms - 2 x 250 Watts / 2 x 140 Watts
  • Peak output per channel 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm - 2 x 400 Watts / 2 x 220 Watts
  • Frequency response -3dB - 1 Hz - 60 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion / Intermodulation - < 0,004 % / < 0,004

Pre amplifier (PRE, REC)

  • Frequency response -1 Hz - 300 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion - 0,0025 %
  • Signal / noise ratio - 108 dBA
  • Channel separation - > 82 dB
  • Inputs 5 x RCA - 250 mVeff ... 3 Veff / 20 kOhms
  • Inputs 1 x balanced (XLR) - 500 mVeff ... 6 Veff / 5 kOhms
  • Outputs 2 x RCA - PRE OUT, REC OUT 2,5 Veff / 50 Ohms; Headphones 6,3 mm plug > 32 Ohms

Digital section (DAC, Inputs)

  • PCM: 32-bit Sigma Delta, 384 kSps
  • DSD: up to DSD 256 (11,2 MHz)
  • switchable oversampling algorithems: Standard-FIR and T+A Bezier


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