Posted on 3rd April, 2019


SVS has just announced its no-holds-barred Prime Pinnacle tower loudspeaker.

The Youngstown, Ohio-based speaker specialist has officially announced the availability of the Prime Pinnacle tower it previewed at CES earlier this year.

SVS Prime Pinnacle

Yours for $799.99 per speaker in black ash or $899.99 in gloss black, the latest addition to the popular Prime Series borrows “multiple cost-no-object design elements” from the flagship Ultra Series as well as featuring a first-its-kind driver array.

The Pinnacle's driver line-up consists of a 1-inch aluminium dome tweeter mounted between a 5.25-inch glass-fibre-composite midrange driver and then a trio of 6.5-inch woofers, individually housed in a 2-inch ported sub-enclosure.

Furthermore, all of the drivers are new designs, and the speaker is timbre-matched with models in the Prime and Ultra series for those looking to build what would be a killer system using these ranges.

SVS Prime Pinnacle

SVS says the new floorstander's triple-woofer assault was engineered to deliver a “bold full-range listening experience” adding that they wanted it to “convey the full thrill and excitement of cinematic blockbusters yet refined enough to render the pluck of a bass guitar string.” The Pinnacle features a unique three port-tuning system to ensure the drivers “blend seamlessly together” with a smooth transition to the midrange. The system is rated down to 29 Hz (±3 dB).

SVS Pime Pinnacle

Naturally, the company is well aware that the majority of audio content in music and movies is present in the midrange frequencies, so they designed a driver “capable of producing slam and impact as well as subtle details with tonal accuracy.”

The tweeter is housed in an FEA-optimised diffuser engineered to deliver broad dispersion and a “convincing soundstage with a pinpoint on- and off-axis frequency response.” The company’s three-way SoundMatch crossover is tuned to deliver “precise imaging and the largest sweet spot possible.”

Each of the four chambers that make up the 40-inch-tall enclosure is acoustically tuned to “eliminate any potential for resonances or sonic artefacts,” and rigid bracing is used to make the cabinet sonically inert. Finally, features such as shorting rings and tweeter diffusers provide acoustic enhancements with modern, high-end visual appeal.

All drivers are flush-mounted to minimise edge diffraction, with the front baffle sporting chamfered edges to further enhance acoustic performance. A removable cloth grille and five-way binding posts round out the package.

It certainly appears that the Prime Pinnacle packs plenty of punch while also being able to fit seamlessly into any room layout or décor.

For more information, go to SVS Sound.


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