Stave Audio Announces SR-100 Hi-Fi Rack

Posted on 21st January, 2020

Stave Audio Announces SR-100 Hi-Fi Rack

Stave Audio announces its SR-100 hi-fi rack and its presence in the component support arena.

Based in the heart of North Lancashire's Ribble Valley, Stave Audio boasts over 25-years of experience in mechanical and structural engineering design. That know-how, combined with being audio enthusiasts, has translated into systems offering premium acoustic performance combined with sharp and modern component aesthetics, according to the company.

Stave Audio SR-100

Stave Audio SR-100

The first Stave Audio product range consists of the SR-100 support systems. The UK-company proudly states that it uses computer simulation and computer-aided design as well as FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and advanced Motion Analysis software. All of that enables them to “measure the kinematic and dynamic performance of the rack assemblies when subjected to vibration frequency throughout the audible range”.

Stave Audio SR-100

Stave says that it discovered that non-ferrous metals along with natural materials significantly reduces resonance. To that end, the SR-100 rack sports a combination of aluminium, birch plywood and natural rubber compounds. Also, the manufacturer added that it had to keep in mind the range of components, weighing from small 5kg items through to high-end, 80kg power amplifiers. The Stave solution is a column isolation cartridge design that enables the owner to change the density of the isolation shims and, by experimentation tune the rack to the room and so optimises the acoustic performance of the system.

Performance and Construction

Stave Audio SR-100

Stave Audio boasts its audio stand achieves up to 50% reduction in structure-borne vibrations when compared with typical furniture supports. It also reduces the velocity of structure-borne vibrations created by a floor-mounted sound source by up to 91%.

SR-100 platforms are precision CNC profiled from European FSC certified, multi-layered Baltic birch plywood. Birch has a high tensile modulus and is very stiff - hence a favourite for turntable plinth designs that absorb and dissipate vibrations at frequencies across the audible range.

Stave Audio's standard size platform measures 25mm thick with a usable width of 500mm and a useable depth of 543mm. Additionally, the standard platform will support a maximum load of 80kg. Naturally, the company welcomes bespoke requests.

Stave Audio SR-100

The support columns are CNC machined aluminium which is anodised and available in either a satin silver or black finish in five different lengths.

The platforms are further isolated and decoupled with a technical grade cork and rubber bolt washer. According to Stave, this unique design creates a cushioned non-metallic interface between each platform, while maintaining a very rigid and stable assembly.

Stave Audio SR-100

Miles Gregson, Stave Audio's Managing Director, told StereoNET:

The launch of STAVE comes at the culmination of a three-year design and testing programme which has resulted in the creation of our SR-100 rack system, with more performance enhancing products in the pipeline.

Stave Audio offers the following platform finishes:

  • Natural Birch clear oiled and waxed finish
  • Diamond Black Laminate on both sides with exposed, oiled edges
  • Diamond Black Laminate on both sides with matching edges

Pricing and availability are currently to be announced, but we are looking forward to meeting the Stave Audio SR-100 in person.

For more information, go to Stave Audio.


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