Sonus faber Gravis III Subwoofer Launch

Posted on 9th February, 2020

Sonus faber Gravis III Subwoofer Launch

Sonus faber is launching its Gravis III active subwoofers at ISE 2020.

The Italian high-end audio brand will launch the latest addition to the Sonus faber Gravis collection of active subwoofers in Amsterdam this week.

Sonus faber Gravis III

The Gravis III subwoofer is designed to match all Sonus faber full-range loudspeakers and completes the Olympica Nova line introduced in September 2019 and will cost $2,750 US.

As you would expect from Sonus faber, the Gravis III looks typically stylish with a hint of superyacht. The body of the active woofer is wrapped in black leather and arrives in a Piano black wooden finish as standard. However, the subwoofer's top finishes of Wengè and Walnut matte create the connection to the newer Olympica Nova collection.

Sonus faber Gravis III

The 10-inch ultra-long throw driver features a tri-laminated sandwich cone diaphragm with a layer of honeycomb in between that manages the driver's excursion and resistance flexing. The stiffness of the cone merged with its extreme lightness allows the subwoofer to produce the tightest and most accurate bass reproduction possible right down to 25Hz, according to Sonus faber.

Gravis III Power

Pushing that driver along is a Class AB amplifier, chosen for its musicality and large energy reserve, that's capable of 600W into an 8-ohm load. A specially designed Digital Signal Processor, implemented in the input preamp stage, enables you to optimise dynamic impact and sonic reproduction depth, to match how the speaker is being used.

Sonus faber Gravis III

Around the rear of the Gravis III subwoofer is a range of connectivity options. Taking care of the high-level signals is a Speakon 4 pin connector, managing the two L and R channels. One or two-line level signals can be carried using balanced or unbalanced cables, through two 3-pin XLR and RCA plugs, respectively. The LFE signal can be fed to the subwoofer through the shared XLR or RCA. If you'd rather avoid cables going back to the receiver/preamp/processor, Gravis III integrates a wireless receiver to pair with the optional transmitter, allowing complete connectivity without long wiring runs.

Gravis III Control

Sonus faber Gravis III

There is, of course, an app which allows you to choose from four presets or modify the cutoff frequency via a continuously adjustable crossover frequency (40 to 150 Hz, filtering slope 24 dB/oct) and the acoustical output phase (0° to 360°). Delay, parametric filters and limiters are also available as is a simple self-calibration procedure. Finally, the Gravis III also has a selectable auto-on and auto-off function.

Price and availability

The Sonus faber Gravis III will be available to order straight after its February 12th launch date for $2,750 US.

For more information, check out Sonus faber.


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