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9th January, 2019


Sonarworks is out to redefine your music experience for mobile devices. Their pitch is that the new app delivers an accurate sonic reference for nearly 300 headphone models.

 Pioneering audio calibration software company Sonarworks has announced the launch of its Sonarworks True-Fi mobile app at CES 2019.

Sonarworks True-Fi mobile app supports wide a range of native file formats as well as content from iTunes and Android local content libraries. True-Fi mobile supports native file formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC and ALAC (iOS) and MP3, WAV, OGG (Vorbis) and AAC (Android).

Sonarworks True-fi app

Jānis Spoģis VP of Consumer Products, Sonarworks, told StereoNET:

All headphones invariably colour the sound, and this is a simple physical reality. Our software uses patented measurement and calibration system for ‘studio sound’, while also enabling users to customise their own listening preferences based on age and other parameters. The new True-Fi mobile app represents an enormous milestone for both artists and consumers while helping bridge sonic translation issues that are routinely apparent between artists and millions of music fans.

In addition to providing smart headphone calibration capabilities, True-Fi also allows you to apply age-related hearing loss compensation and create customised sound preferences. These features, combined with the headphone calibration capabilities, enable mobile users to have an unprecedented degree of personalisation and control over their audio — anywhere they go.

The new mobile app, which supports nearly 300 headphones, takes just seconds to configure and is simple to operate. Once the headphone model is chosen, just tap the onscreen button to engage the selected headphone configuration, and the sonic profile is changed instantaneously.

Sonarworks True-fi app

Currently, during the early access period, the software will support the highest sample rates possible, depending on the processing power of the hosting system. For iOS, users can expect 96kHz and higher, and Android users can currently expect sample rate performance of up to 48kHz. During the beta / early access phase, FLAC and high sample rate playback will be continually improved across all devices.

The mobile app is accessible now via early access. When it lands for purchase later this year in the App Store and Google Play it will be priced at €3.99 per month, or as a lifetime licence for €99 Euros. Existing Sonarworks customers who already own the desktop version will be offered a free upgrade option to a lifetime licence for the mobile app.


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