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Sennheiser unveiled their new wireless buds at IFA 2018 in Berlin, and StereoNET UK was there to get ears-on with them.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are the first Senn's to ditch wires entirely. Furthermore, the company promises that the set “redefines the audio benchmark for true wireless earbuds”. Sennheiser is pretty proud of what they have achieved with their 7-mm dynamic drivers.

As well as Bluetooth, the True Wireless pair bring with them support for the lossless AAC codec and Qualcomm's high-end aptX streaming technology.

sennheiser momentum true wireless ifa 2018 berlin

For safety, while out-and-about, Sennheiser's Transparent Hearing can be enabled. Here you get the sounds of the environment blended in with your music or podcasts. Additionally, you can use the tech to carry out a conversation without removing your buds. Whenever I review noise-cancelling headphones I tend to state not to have the ANC enabled when walking and cycling, so Transparent Hearing gets my vote.

For more hands-free access, there's direct voice access to Siri or Google Assistant. Naturally, you can make and receive calls on the Momentum True Wireless earbuds as well.

Sound quality

Jay Garrett Sennheisert Momentum Wireless Challenge

Taking a set for a spin on IFA show floor in Berlin I even undertook the Momentum True Wireless Challenge. The challenge was to sit through samples of music and sound effects while having my face monitored for a reaction; the idea is to gauge my emotional response.

As it turned out, I am a pretty chilled guy. See the video below:

As for the ear bud's audio quality, they produced a full, rich sound, with plenty of low-end without being overblown.

Comfort is always crucial as some of the wireless buds I have tested over the years have been too cumbersome and less than ergonomic. However, the Sennheiser True Wireless fitted without fiddling around. They also stayed in my ears even during a quick headbang test.

sennheiser momentum true wireless ifa 2018 berlin

As with all current wireless sets, they do protrude a little way from your ears. That's not an issue for a long-haired hippy such as myself, but those with short-back-and-sides might feel a bit conspicuous wearing them. That said, they do almost look like jewellery.

The Momentum True Wireless will play for four hours between charges. Their travel case charger holds 12 hours of battery use so you can charge them up on the go. My only issue here is that if you were planning to use them on a trans-Atlantic flight, you would have to wait a couple of hours between charges - unless you bought two sets.

Finally, the new wireless Momentums are also built to be sweat- and splash-resistant.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are yours for £259. They will be available in the middle of November.

For more information, head on over to Sennheiser.


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