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28th March, 2019


Screen Excellence has just announced the latest option to its True Aspect Masking Film Screen System, the TAM-Art Edition.

The TAM-Art Edition covers the entire film screen surface with a custom print when not being used for video, making it a brilliant complement to any living room or home cinema environment.

For over a decade now, Screen Excellence's True Aspect Masking (TAM) systems have graced the finest home cinemas around the world. Available in native formats ranging from 16:9 to 2.40 and in custom sizes, the TAM series has been a top choice amongst acousticians and home cinema designers. Key selling points include the company's acclaimed Enlightor Neo woven-fabric acoustically transparent (A.T.) 4K film screen surface, automated sheer black A.T. motorised masking panels and luxurious black velvet borders.  

Screen Excellence TAM-Art Screen

The TAM screens provide Hollywood screening room performance and functionality while employing the best cinema practice of placing the centre channel loudspeaker (and space permitting, the left and right mains) behind the A.T. film screen and so delivering dialogue and action through the centre of the film screen as intended by movie creators.

Screen Excellence TAM-Art Screen Mask

The TAM-Art option is the icing on the cake to this reference film screen system. Here you have a custom print on an additional A.T. curtain that is hidden when the screen is in use. However, when TAM-Art is deployed, it's lowered (unrolled) from a motorised tube and kept in place with batten—much like an electric drop-down screen—covering the entire surface of the film screen and masking. What you are left with then is only the artwork and the surrounding frame on-show.  

When you're not using the video projector, you can listen to music through the acoustically transparent custom-printed mask.

The TAM-Art option is available for purchase orders now.


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