Samsung Announces The Sero Rotating TV

Posted on 2nd June, 2020

Samsung Announces The Sero Rotating TV

Samsung wants to change how you look at things with The Sero mobile-friendly TV.

Samsung proudly states that it has launched the world's first mobile-friendly TV, The Sero. The company says that the new television enables us to view content in as many ways possible by rotating between horizontal and vertical orientations. 

Samsung The Sero

For those who have only known a world full of social media, The Sero might seem the next logical step. The company's new 43-inch 4K lifestyle TV delivers a mobile-optimised experience thanks to the screen being able to rotate automatically to mirror mobile content. This clever spin can be triggered by remote control, voice command and via the SmartThings app. Obvs.

Samsung The Sero

The Sero is more than a dumb mirroring screen, though. Firstly, you get Samsung's QLED tech that also delivers 100% colour volume with over a billion colours and shades. Additionally, The Sero Smart TV uses AI to upscale content to 4K resolution, meaning that you always get the best detail, no matter the source or content, says Samsung. Talking of content, you still get the various Smart TV apps including Netflix, Disney+, BT Sport, Prime and more.

Also packed into the stylish frame of The Sero is a 60W 4.1 multi-channel speaker system - handy for film nights or streaming music. If you are ready to switch on that chill playlist, the Sero's Portrait Mode lets you choose from more than 50 stylish vertical backgrounds to enhance the mood. Or, why not select Ambient Mode+ and have Sero display useful information or blend the TV into its surroundings?

Samsung The Sero

Dan Hastings, Director, TV and AV, Samsung Electronics UK Ltd, told StereoNET:

We are exceptionally proud to launch The Sero to the market. It is an industry-first, and so we are able to capture the demand of smartphone/social media users by bringing an innovation that can display any content imaginable. With people now using their TVs in different ways than ever before, whether scrolling through social media, watching the latest viral videos or catching up on TV, The Sero is able to seamlessly adapt to enhance whatever content the user is watching, bringing a more bespoke and optimised experience.

The Sero is available now priced at £1,599 and features a contemporary navy-blue bezel design.

For more information, visit Samsung.


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