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12th October, 2018


Russ Andrews now offers a personalised balanced mains distribution unit. The BMU1500 mkII supplies a vast 1.5kVA of clean power to your hi-fi components.

Russ Andrews Accessories has just announced the latest version of its BMU1500 Balanced Mains Unit. What separates this mains supply unit from the others is that it is tuned to your particular source.

The BMU1500 mkII has been designed using the same principle as balanced audio signals. So, where the audio signal is split into two halves; negative and positive, the BMU1500 mkII divides the 230v mains signal into two separate 115v supplies. The live power is sent down one 115v supply path with neutral taking the other route. The reasoning for this is that, as each is a different polarity, the noise of one is cancelled out by the noise on the other. The result is a 230v power supply that is free from noise and hence provides the connected equipment with a cleaner supply.

Bespoke BMU1500 mkII

So, the personalised power supply. What's that all about? The new BMU1500 mkII is tailored to your particular power supply. You may not be aware, but the UK law for your electricity supply is that it has to be 230V +10% -6%. This margin translates to us getting a minimum of 216.2V and a maximum of 253V. The upshot of that fact is not all balanced mains units will be working at their optimum efficiency if simply set to 230v where your domestic voltage differs from this.

Don't worry though, there are no complicated measurements to be taken, nor does a company rep need to visit your before you receive your BMU1500 mkII. Upon ordering your Russ Andrews unit, they will send you a simple to use, plug in, mains voltage checker. Simply measure your house mains voltage over seven days, particularly at the times of day you tend to use your hi-fi system, and then supply Russ Andrews with the readings. Before shipping the BMU to you, the company will set your unit to the average voltage of your readings. This ensures that the BMU will work as efficiently as possible to provide the maximum audible benefit.

Russ Andrews BMU1500 MKII Balanced Mains Unit

Russ Andrews BMU1500 mkII tech

The unit is equipped with a newly-designed, and much quieter, balanced mains transformer that provides 1.5kVA of power. Five Russ Andrews UltraSocket mains outlets on the rear enable connection of the hi-fi or home cinema equipment directly to the unit; a nice bonus as you get a mains extension as well as a balanced mains supply. Mains input is via a 16A IEC socket and is protected by use of a high-quality two-pole (live and neutral) circuit breaker.

Finally, the unit is encased in a bespoke ABS case with a sleek black anodised front panel.

Russ Andrews, technical director and chairman of the company, told StereoNET:

Balanced audio signals have long been acknowledged to provide a superior sound quality thanks to the noise cancelling characteristics of the design. It is for good reason that such systems are used extensively in professional recording studios. By adding a balanced mains unit to a home set up, the performance benefits long understood by the professionals can be enjoyed at home. And, with our individual tailoring to the supply voltage in the customer's house, they can be assured of the very best performance to allow their music to really shine.

The Russ Andrews BMU1500 Balanced Mains Unit is available now for £2550.

For more information, check out Russ Andrews.


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