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3rd July, 2019


RUEL's R+ caught our eye, and the high-end residential audio system demanded that we knew more about it.

Thierry Ruel, the founder of RUEL, is a pioneer and has created this “cutting-edge luxury residential audio system”.

The RUEL R+ is a breakthrough in the field of sound for the home. It is a state-of-the-art system, elegant, luxurious, and handcrafted in Canada, states the press release.


The RUEL R+ is a line-source system that forms a column that goes from the floor to the ceiling. Within that column sits seven 1.5-inch full-range, specially developed speakers per module. Each module is around 11-inches tall. At the rear of each module are passive membranes that will recover the back wave and enhances the lower frequencies.

The modules are crafted from cross-ply layers of Russian birch and use gold plated connectors to join each module together. Kinda like an audio Lego stack.

The New Brunswick audio company states that the minimum number of modules per stack is eight, with the maximum being 20. A 20-foot pile though!

The RUEL R+ promises an experience you must live to believe. Music is beautiful, intense, powerful, vulnerable, and all the shades of expression on a RUEL system. Music fills the room with precision and air.

If you are wondering what the optimal stack height for your room would be, it's best to have a column that's 80% the height of your ceiling.

Other than that, you just need a preamp with XLR outputs to hook up to your RUEL R+, and then you're good to go.

The great thing about line source speakers is that there is little difference in volume when you move away from them as the sound level is evenly distributed in the room. The R+ has a diffraction slot that widens the directivity of the high frequencies to 180 degrees. Finally, with careful placement of the R + against the wall, it also limits the directivity of the low frequencies to 180 degrees.

Additionally, with the R+, there is no need for crossovers.

RUEL R+ Line Source Loudspeakers

Thierry Ruel enthused to StereoNET:

The R+ could well be the beginning of a new era in the field of audio reproduction.

Price and availability

The new R+ 2019 system is available now from a single 8-foot column, up to one that's 20 feet high.

The Maison RUEL produces the R+ system but completely handcrafted and customised for your environment.

There is a 3 month waiting time from when you order RUEL R+ system which starts at $21,500 for one 8-foot column.

Tech Spec

  • Frequency response - 40Hz to 19 kHz ±2 dB
  • Dispersion Constant - 180 degrees
  • Power - 1000 Watts RMS per column
  • Sound Pressure Level - 104dB SPL max at 1m (125dB max. peak)
  • Input Balanced XLR with switchable level sensitivity :
    • - 2 volts RMS
    • - +4dBu (6 volts max.)
  • Height - From 7’7” to 18’7” (for ceiling from 8 to 24 feet)
  • Weight - 10lbs (5kg) per module


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