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By releasing the R7 Mk3 radiogram, U.K. brand Ruark takes a nod at the past whilst keeping a large eye on the future.

Ruark launched the first R3 in 2013. Reception was pretty strong for a retro radiogram with great sound and bundled with features for the digital era.

Now in its 3rd revision, the R7’s horizon includes built in Spotify Connect streaming and a multi-room mode so users can stream their music from any smart compatible device.

Accessing the R7s features is as simple as using the Ruark RotoDial controller or the R7’s remote control. Local distributor Synergy Audio Visual says a control and browsing app for iOS and Android devices is on the way.

Rather than an update, the new R7 has received a great deal of attention. That 60’s slim cabinet profile is now even slimmer and sleeker.

Ruark R7 Mk3

The R7 was conceived as an audio product first and foremost and with Ruark’s expertise in speaker design, the sound of this model was way better than a 60’s Dansette radiogram by a country mile.

The Mk3 version has specifically designed stereo speakers that are single mid/bass units with built in tweeters.

The R7 has a built in CD player and a Digital/FM radio. It also sports DNLA and WiFi features along with Spotify Connect.

It is also aptX HD Bluetooth enabled, a feature dandy for 24-bit audio streaming. And in what’s no surprise there is a turntable input along with inputs for digital and optical.

The R7 has always stood out from the crowed and still does. Choice of finishes includes walnut or grey lacquer and a smart grill cloth covers the front of the R7.

The Ruark R7 Mk3 arrives in November with a price the same as the current model that is $4299 RRP.

For more information visit the Ruark Audio brand page.

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