Posted on 31st January, 2019


Last night, Ruark launched their R5 High Fidelity Music System which is fantastic news if you fancied their R7 radiogram but don't have the room.

The Ruark R5 High Fidelity Music System incorporates the company's knowledge of the past with its vision of the future. They proudly announce that the R5 is the perfect ‘all-in-one' system for music and design enthusiasts alike.

Ruark's passion for ergonomics means that the brand continually strives to improve the form, function and tactility of its products. The new R5 demands to be touched - from the curvaceous shape of the hand-crafted cabinet to the coolness of the glass and metal components and the warmth of the fabric grille. The R5 will undoubtedly make a statement and add style to any living environment.

Ruark R5

The benchmark for R5 was Ruark's R7. From feedback Ruark knows that many consumers love the design and features of R7 and with R5, Ruark has scaled down its flagship model in all but sound. Additionally, R5 is also multi-room prepared.

Under the hood, you will find newly developed Class A-B amplifiers in a 2.1 configuration that push out 80w with active electronics to precisely control the loudspeaker units. The stereo speakers have been designed to provide a beautifully natural frequency response utilising a powerful neodymium magnet system coupled with a lightweight cone/coil assembly. Finally, the long-throw subwoofer provides effortless extended bass for lifelike aural drama.

Ruark understands the synergy between cabinet, amplifier and drive-unit interaction in creating a great sound. The R5's internal enclosure has been partitioned, damped and tuned to provide ideal conditions for the drive units and electronics.

Ruark R5 RotoDial

Naturally, the Ruark trademark RotoDial controller makes operation simple, but also included with R5 is a matching ‘radio-link' remote which precisely mirrors the controls on R5.

Radio communication means the remote doesn't need 'line of sight' of the R5. Also, R5 can be controlled using Ruark's LINK app for iOS and Android devices.

R5 has virtually every playback option covered, with Wi-Fi streaming, a multi-format CD player, aptX HD Bluetooth, DAB/FM and Internet radio tuners, USB playback/charge port, analogue and digital inputs including a dedicated RIAA turntable input.

R5 is available in luxurious Rich Walnut or Soft Grey lacquer and will be available from Spring 2019 through Ruark's dealer network at £999.


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