Roger Waters - Amused to Death Re-Issue

Posted on 17th April, 2015

Roger Waters - Amused to Death Re-Issue

Roger Waters may not even own a turntable, but original pressings of Amused to Death have certainly commanded top dollar prices in recent times.

If like me, you weren't fortunate to hang on to your original pressing of Amused to Death you would have been following the prices on sites like Discogs waiting that screaming bargain to come along. Again, like me, you may have even been conned into a damn good counterfeight/bootleg that appears to have been produced in a very large scale and been circulated across the globe.

Current Amused to Death listings on

At first glance, the counterfight is a good proposition. 2 x LP in 180g. The fact is no official pressing has ever been released in 180g. The record label itself is the other giveaway. The fakes were stamped with CBS, Sony, or both, and fetched prices well in excess of $100, even from unsuspecting proper record shops. The original was only released on Columbia. One seller on eBay seems happy to continue offering a “rare” FAKE album, despite acknowledging my message about said item.

There's a few other signs. The most obvious is to listen to the fake - it's essentially mono, with a sound-stage that is so compressed it's nothing but an insult to the sensational original recording. With that all said, with the announcement this week that Amused to Death is to be re-released officially, it all seems irrelevant now.

After a few false starts and now what has been a two year wait for many punters, Amused to Death drops worldwide July 24th. The pre-order is on now and social media and forums have been lighting up in the wake of this announcement. Get your copy now at:

In the meantime, here's Roger's thoughts on the new release:

Needless to say, we've already ordered our copies!

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