Posted on 19th June, 2019


Reloop just announced SPiN, a turntable meant for scratching on the go. Portable turntablism - or portabilsm as it is being termed.

Reloop SPiN

The Reloop SPiN sports a seven-inch platter but can accommodate up to 12-inch vinyl. The tonearm comes with an attached headshell, and SPiN features an integrated speaker, a 45mm crossfader that can be placed on either side of the turntable, a trio of platter speeds (33 1/3, 45 & 78 rpm), RCA outputs, and pitch and tone controls. It even comes with a slip mat and a 7-inch record filled with scratch sounds and beats.

Reloop SPiN

Naturally, you get pitch control, but also there’s a bipolar EQ (low/high) and master/output volume controls.

Additionally, you get an Aux In to connect an external source or even daisy chain other SPiNs, and it also has Bluetooth connectivity onboard so you can stream music from your smartphone and play through SPiN’s built-in speaker. Proving its portable credentials you can power SPiN by batteries, a USB power bank, or a USB power adapter.

Reloop SPiN

Talking about USB connections, SPiN also has a USB port to enable you to record your scratch sessions straight to a thumb drive. Moreover, this also means that you can use SPiN for ripping vinyl.

Finally, there is a lockable dust cover with an integrated carry handle, making it even easier to get your deck to the party.

Price and availability

The Reloop SPiN will be available soon for £199.


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