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29th January, 2019

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At the Bristol show, REL will be proudly demonstrating the all-new HT1508 Predator as part of their “how to build your system” demo.

Throughout the day REL will be showing you how they can improve your system – be it two channel or multi-channel AV. Find REL amongst well known Industry brand names to show how they can genuinely enhance the whole soundstage. Although they do always like to point out, it's not all about bass!

However, if bass is crucial to you, then don't miss out on listening to the HT1508 Predator. Here, you'll find a 15-inch driver backed by an 800-watt amplifier to show you what LFE can do in a well-appointed system, whatever the price.

Naturally, they will be on hand for advice on which model may suit your needs and how best to tie it into your system.

Additionally, you can discover which REL will work harmoniously with your main speakers and room acoustics to extend your system's range and bring enhanced clarity to the mid-tones by using their online tool. If you don't see your speakers listed, have a word with them at the show.

REL HT1003

The HT1003 will be on show backed by an exclusive limited show discount.

REL HT/1508 Predator

The HT/1508 Predator is designed to be a compact powerhouse of theatre bass and, like all HT models, it delivers the goods at a desirable price.

The team created an all-new 15-inch driver with 3-inches of stroke fore-and-aft. As with all REL driver designs, their focus is on speed and articulation, not just boom.

A compact, yet powerful 850-watt amplifier provides all the power necessary to shake walls and rattle cabinets.

Where traditional RELs are asked to be fantastic all ‘rounders, the HT (Home Theater) range is to focus on one task (theatre bass) and do it perfectly.

When designing for theatre, the company begin at the input and work outward. Predator's input filters and crossovers are optimised for high output theatre applications and gently correct for box/driver interactions resulting in output that extends exceptionally low.

The 850-watt amplifier is a powerhouse in the true tradition of REL, with massive power supplies and reserves of current for when a particularly explosive special effect appears onscreen.

REL designed the new 15-inch 1508 CarbonGlas driver to supply prodigious output, yet do so with extreme speed and instantaneous dynamics.

Where many competitors offer a 12-inch or 13-inch driver, REL supplies a 15-incher. Why? Well, REL tells us that their testing revealed that the 15-inch would deliver the necessary performance but do so with greater ease and more headroom. Ultimately, that results in higher reliability and customer satisfaction.

HT/1508 Predator is designed to deliver near reference levels of output and deep, room-filling bass at a price that remains affordable, making this a product that provides exceptional value.

Squeeze Carbon, a Diamond Emerges

Finally, introducing Carbon Ltd. by REL. What happens when REL considers shoehorning their Reference driver into a standard cabinet? Could they create something remarkable for those that space is a premium? Perhaps, but they'd need to pair the Reference driver with their highest output passive driver with plenty of power to drive it.

Carbon Ltd. Is a special offering that provides a unique blend of their Reference carbon fibre 12-inch driver and the exquisite passive driver from the 212/SE, all packed into the proven S/5 chassis. Those drivers are then fitted with triple chrome plated hardware. The result is stunning, for the eyes and the ears.

So, REL started things off with their exceptional 12-inch driver, the ultra-long stroke G-1MKII carbon fibre driver, noted for its speed and purity. To keep up with its dynamics, they fitted the light alloy passive from the 212/SE driven by the 550-watt amplifier from the S/5 SHO, here with a few more jewels of output.

REL Carbon Ltd

The heavyweight 30mm-thick cabinet, borrowed from the hugely successful S/5, is noted as being their most advanced standard cabinet, with hardwood bracing employed extensively throughout its interior to quiet unwanted vibration.

Turning to aesthetics, real triple chrome-plated hardware was used for the exclusive top badge and matching feet which reflect their surroundings, while polished stainless T-304 steel handles complete the ensemble.

In the end, REL is proud of what they have achieved and are sure they have created something very special. So special, that the Carbon Ltd is only available in limited quantities because many of the processes needed to build Carbon Ltd. do not lend themselves to large scale production.

More reason, then, to check out REL at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show. Find REL Acoustics in Room 308 on the 3rd Floor and Room 309 on the 3rd Floor.

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

The Bristol Hi-Fi shows runs from Friday 22nd February through Sunday 24th February 2019 at the Marriott City Centre Hotel, Bristol.

To book your tickets for the show head to the Bristol Hi-Fi Show site.

For more information, head on over to Rel Acoustics.


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