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Raidho will premiere the new TD3.8 loudspeakers at High End Munich 2019.

Following the Axpona reveals of the TD1.2 and TD4.1 speakers, the Danish brand is set to take the wrappers off their new TD3.8.

In Raidho's words “the TD3.8 is an absolute beast and a dream-project for the whole team”.

The project under the watchful eye of chief designer, Benno Baun Meldgaard was born out of demand for speakers with larger drivers, and also because of the passion for taking Raidho to the next level.

The TD3.8 is an entirely new design, especially as it is the company's midsized floorstander but retains the Raidho signature look. It may be midsized, but it houses big drivers that implement Raidho's patent-pending driver design in a new 8-inch woofer in a dual configuration. We are told that this design guarantees a deep and articulated low-frequency reproduction which is still lightning fast and controlled. Buddying up with the low-enders is a pair of new 5-inch midrange drivers sharing the same, new driver design.

Raidho TD3.8 Munich 2019

Both the mids and woofers sport the new TD-cones (Tantalum/ Diamond). The 5-layer design has higher internal damping and increased stiffness. Together with the driver design, a new magnet system, and the new proprietary edge-wound voice coils, Raidho claims they have one of the strongest motor systems in the world. Rated at more than 1.1 Tesla, they may well be right. Moreover, we can expect a speaker that is extremely dynamic, authentic and easy to listen to. The chassis is designed with an absolute minimum of reflections, giving the driver optimal conditions.

Furthermore, the tweeter also features with an upgraded, more powerful magnet system. Also, there is a changed chamber-design that eliminates reflections and lowering the already extremely low level of distortion by an additional 35 dB, while at the same time increasing sensitivity by 2 dB.

Finally, all that new driver tech is wrapped up in a newly designed enclosure with optimised acoustic internal flow.

Needless to say, the crossover is also a new design, with increased out-of-band filtration, lowering distortion further, as well as significantly improving the power handling on each drive unit. All of which adds up to increased efficiency (91db at 4 ohms).

The Raidho TD3.8 measures: 1420 x 440 x 610 mm incl. feet (HxWxD) and weighs 75 Kg.

The recommended retail prices are as follows:

  • Glossy black – 88,000 euros.
  • Walnut burl and any custom colour – 99,900 euros.

Raidho will introduce this new model in Munich in Atrium 4.2, stand E227.


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