Raidho TD Series Loudspeakers Come to the UK

Posted on 27th January, 2020

Raidho TD Series Loudspeakers Come to the UK

Raidho's exquisite TD Series loudspeakers are now available to UK audiophiles.

The Danish high-end speaker manufacturer combines world-leading technological innovation with striking design, and now Raidho's flagship TD range of speakers have landed in the UK.

Raidho TD Speakers UK

The Raidho TD Series includes a brand new, upgraded version of the famous Raidho sealed ribbon tweeter, featuring a more powerful magnet system and a new acoustically optimised rear chamber. The result is increased sensitivity and resolution.
The mid and bass drive units are where the TD Series gets its name - Tantalum-Diamond. Tantalum is a rare and impressive metal, is extremely dense and hard, yet also very ductile, it conducts electricity and heat tremendously well.

Raidho TD Speakers UK
Raidho's design team, led by Benno Baun Meldgaard, added a 1-micron layer of tantalum to the drivers' ceramic layer, making the latter even harder, while also countering the brittle nature of ceramic. This greater resilience allows them to then bombard the membrane's surface even more forcefully with the subsequent diamond layer, effectively adding more diamond and less carbon to the surface. The resulting five-layer sandwich membrane is therefore even stiffer than that of Raidho's (already extremely stiff) diamond cones. Additionally, the new tantalum layer also adds a considerable amount of extra inner damping. The tantalum layer also helps to efficiently conduct heat away from the voice coil.

Raidho TD Speakers UK
Also, the mid and bass units of the TD1.2, 2.2, 3.2 and 3.8 models all feature a new patent-pending motor system with a magnet assembly that delivers quite staggering tesla levels, and which Raidho cites as “the strongest underhung motor design on the market”.

Raidho TD Speakers UK
The crossover has been re-engineered to ensure ruler-flat phase behaviour, and Meldgaard's instinctive touch has equally been applied to the internal architecture of the cabinet.
The result is a range of loudspeakers pitched among 'the world's best', capable of microscopic resolution and tremendous musical insight, and with a wonderfully natural and organic presentation, so says Raidho.

Price and availability

The Raidho TD Series is available now priced as follows (incl. VAT):

  • TD1.2 2-way standmount - £20,000
  • TD2.2 2.5-way compact floorstander - £38,000
  • TD3.2 3-way floorstander - £56,500
  • TD3.8 3-way floorstander - £85,000
  • TD4.2 2.5-way floorstander - £102,000
  • TD4.8 3-way floorstander - P.O.A.

Prices shown are for black. Walnut Burr veneer and bespoke colours at extra cost.

For more information, go over to Raidho Acoustics.


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