PureAudioProject Quintet10 Horn2 Tower Loudspeaker Launched

Posted on 7th January, 2020

PureAudioProject Quintet10 Horn2 Tower Loudspeaker Launched

PureAudioProject's Quintet10 Horn2 could be the perfect “wall of sound” for UK and European homes.

PureAudioProject is renown for its modular open baffle design platform. As well as the speakers' speed, it's the flexibility of the PureAudioProject loudspeakers that proves to be one of the brand's main attractions. The buyer can select which driver combination suits their requirements. Today, we have been informed of yet another choice being offered for the PureAudioProject Quintet10.

PureAudioProject Quintet10 Horn2The company states that the new Quintet10 Horn2 is a true wall of sound open baffle/horn speaker for medium to modestly large rooms.

Now, in addition to the Voxativ full-range driver and Morel soft dome tweeter and carbon 5-inch midrange driver, PureAudioProject is offering their new PAP-Horn2.

The new 9.5-inch round wood horn has been specifically designed for use in the Quintet10 platform and even mounts in the same baffle as the existing Voxativ option. The PAP-Horn2 borrows the same proven compression driver as used in the company's Trio15 and Quintet15 Horn1 solutions. 

The PAP-Horn2 is said to bring all the energy, dynamics and speed that horn drivers are well known for, while, at the same time, it is an incredibly soft and smooth sounding horn, without the “typical horn harshness”.

PureAudioProject says of the Quintet10 Horn2 - this model represents a sonic and aesthetics peak in open baffle speakers offering, and it sounds just like it looks, fast, precise, warm, lifelike and totally non-fatiguing. The company also quotes a frequency range of 29hz – 20Khz.

The PAP-Horn2 is partnered by 10-inch 89db woofers that are made for PureAudioProject by Morel. Joining the speakers is Halogen-free Van Den Hull cable with a simple first-order crossover dishing out the duties. The Quintet10 can be driven by a wide variety of amps, including powerful tube amps.

Although the Quintet10 Horn2 might look imposing, it still measures a relatively compact 42cm x 160cm and so makes it a good option for those seeking an open baffle tower for medium-sized rooms.

Price and availability

PureAudioProject is offering a special launch offer that gets you two configurations of the Quintet10 for the price of one. This means you get the new Quintet10 Horn2 as well as the additional Voxativ AC-1.6 and all crossover parts included for €8,990 inc VAT and European shipping. In the USA the same offer is $8,490 inc shipping.


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