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PSB Speakers has announced its new range of custom install loudspeakers at CEDIA Expo 2019. 

The new range from the Canadian speaker specialist includes wall-mounted, in-ceiling and architectural subs. Furthermore, we are promised affordable excellence throughout the new CI range. 


PSB CI in-ceiling

The CS AIC 860 is an all-new, angled in-ceiling speaker designed for home theatre applications. 

The PSB CS AIC 860 is an angled in-ceiling speaker designed to allow the proper dispersion required to create a real three-dimensional sound stage when recessed into the ceiling. 

Designed and voiced by the growing PSB design team mentored by PSB founder and speaker industry icon, Paul Barton. The CS AIC 860 features many of PSB’s core technologies.

The design of the CS AIC 860 minimises the amount of refraction common to many angled speakers which can often “give away” the position of the speaker. 

With the new PSB design, you should experience a wide and consistent sound field which seems to emanate from the chosen listening area rather than from the installation point. 

The premium 6.5-inch woofer of the AIC 860 utilises a carbon-filled polypropylene cone. Additionally, the woofer includes trickle-down technology that PSB has developed for its flagship Imagine Series. The result is higher sensitivity, bass extension and lower harmonic distortion at high playback levels. 

Meanwhile, high-frequencies are handled by a 1-inch titanium tweeter with Wave Guide and indexed adjustment for precise adjustment of the tweeter’s acoustic axis. Also included are acoustic adjustments for the mid/woofer and tweeter level for additional tuning to the room or listener location.

PSB PWM Wall-Mounts

PSB CI wall-mount

The PWM2 is the first of a new range of PSB high-performance wall mount speaker solutions called the PWM Series. 

The PWM2 is a sleek on-wall speaker that can be oriented either vertically or horizontally and be also used as a front left, right, centre or surround channel speaker. 

Measuring 36-inches long and less than 4-inches deep, its slim profile allows the PWM2 to hug the wall and maintain a minimal visual presence. 

The PWM2 will come in a choice of Satin White or Satin Black finish with a soft magnetic grille to complement any décor.

Here you get a three-way design incorporating newly-designed drivers and cabinet. The PWM2 utilises a 1-inch Titanium dome tweeter, a pair of 3-inch midrange and brace of 4-inch woofers; both sporting carbon fibre cones. 

PSB CI wall-mount            

Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook’s Product Manager for Custom Installation, told StereoNET:

Following up on our long-time success of the PSB W1 on-wall, the PWM2 was conceived based on direct feedback we have received from the CI marketplace. Whether as part of a complete on-wall system, a basic TV application or as an on-wall centre channel solution with floor-standing speakers; the upcoming PWM models will deliver legendary PSB sonic performance coupled with aesthetic and install cues desired in today’s applications.

New PSB Subs


A sealed cabinet subwoofer with dual 8-inch high-performance drivers capable promises detailed low-frequency performance. Equipped with heavy-duty nylon dog-ears, and a magnetic small perforation grille, the CSIW SUB28 can be used in both new construction or retrofit applications.


PSB CI Sub10

This 10-inch loaded in-Room Subwoofer measures a mere 15.75- x 15.75- x 4.7-inches. The CS-IR Sub can disappear into the décor of any room. Alternatively, place it in plain sight as a design feature in its own right. 

The CSIR SUB can be applied in three ways. Firstly, it can be mounted on a narrow, low profile plinth and placed upright. Also, it can be set on its back and tucked out of the way, behind or under furniture. Finally, as it comes with a mounting bracket, you can wall-mount the sub to maximise floor space. 


PSB CI Sub10

The CSIW SUB10 is a new construction subwoofer created to isolate the sealed cabinet from the drywall. Additionally, it minimises the protrusion of the grille from the surface of the drywall. 

The unique design couples the subwoofer cabinet to the stud beams and allows the grille to accommodate various wall thicknesses. A high excursion, shallow driver delivers bass response that is both precise and plentiful.

CS-500W Amplifier

The 500-watt subwoofer digital amplifier delivers ample power for up to two PSB subwoofers in parallel. 

The DSP is capable of being calibrated to several selectable eq settings as well as containing profiles tailored for the PSB subwoofers. 

A built-in limiter circuit filters the incoming information and keeps it from driving the subwoofer beyond safe operating parameters. You can power it up by several means including signal sending and 12volt trigger.

A rack mount kit enables the subwoofer amp to be mounted into a 1U rack space.

Experience the new PSB CI range

The new PSB custom install range will be on display at CEDIA Expo September 12-14, in the Lenbrook Booth 2520, Hall F at the Colorado Convention Center. 

Price and availability

The range will be available from November and have the following MSRP:

  • CSIW 10 £1,099
  • CSIW 28 £899
  • CSIR Sub £1,199
  • PWM2 £1,499
  • CS AIC860 £599


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