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PS Audio has just announced its new Stellar Phono pre-amplifier.

Rewind back to 1975, and the Boulder-based audio company released a phono pre-amp. This was the first PS Audio product to take the Hi-Fi world by storm. Today, PS Audio has announced its Stellar Phono which shares the same ethos as that 1975 original.

PS Audio Stellar Phono

Joining the company's Stellar range, the PS Audio Stellar Phono stands out from the crowded field of conventional IC designs thanks to its discrete FET topology. The brand states that we can expect a rich, warm and enticing sound, as only vinyl through hand-tuned class-A circuitry can be.

PS engineer Darren Myers set his sights on building the best phono stage the company has ever produced, no small task. However, he did have the advantage of modern upgraded FET semiconductors and a fresh approach to the art of phono preamplification on his side.

PS Audio Stellar Phono

Input to output, Stellar is a fully discrete FET design with extraordinarily low noise and high overload capabilities. Additionally, the pre-amplifier boasts a passive RIAA curve and only hand-selected premium discrete components are used.

PS Audio Stellar Phono

The Stellar phono features dual inputs that can support either a moving coil or moving magnet cartridge. Alternatively, use them for or a two-tonearm set-up. Cartridge loading and gain options, (up to 70dB of ultra low noise gain for MC cartridges as low as 0.15mv), are easily adjusted via supplied remote control, so you don't have to leave your listening chair.

Price and availability

The PS Audio Stellar Phono is priced at £2,495.

For more information, go to PS audio.

Tech spec

Unit Weight

21.6lbs. (9.8 kg)

Unit Dimensions

17”W x 13”D x 3.25”H 
(43cm x 33.02cm x 8.255cm)

Shipping Weight

25.1lbs (11.4 kg)

Shipping Dimensions

22”W x 8”H x 17”D
(55.88cm x 43.18cm x 20.32cm)

Audio Inputs

RCA (Unbalanced) MM,MC

Audio Outputs

RCA (Unbalanced) 1 Stereo Pair
XLR (Balanced) 1 Stereo Pair

DC Trigger

3.5mm 12VDC (2)


All measurements are with both channels operating, 
gain set to low, and balanced outputs. 
Input frequency is 1kHz.


MM: 44dB, 50dB, 56dB
MC: 60dB, 66dB, 72dB

Input Loading

MM: 47KΩ (100pF)
MC: 60Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 47KΩ, Custom 1-1KΩ

Output Impedance

Unbalanced <200Ω
Balanced <200Ω per leg

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20KHz +/- 0.25dB


0.5V out @ 1kHz: <0.01%

Maximum Output

@1%THD: 24VRMS

Overload Margin

@1kHz: >22dB

S/N Ratio

MM: >82dB A-Weighted
MC: >74dB A-Weighted

Interchannel Crosstalk


Power Consumption



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