Posted on 17th April, 2019


Classical music streaming service Primephonic has overhauled its software and added offline listening skills.

Dutch-American start-up Primephonic, dubbed the Spotify of Classical Music, has rolled out the most exciting update to its app and desktop versions since the inception of the classical music streaming service in 2017.

You can now download personalised and pre-made playlists for easy and convenient offline listening, freeing you from wi-fi reliance.

Primephonic Classical Streaming app

The software update will allow you to enjoy over 1.5 million classical music tracks listed on Primephonic wherever you are.

Primephonic is unique in that it has been created purely for classical music. But, why bother? Well, anyone with a digital library of classical music will have come across the difficulties that this particular genre's metatags can cause. With pop, rock, electronica, etc. you will have a band/artist, the songwriters, and label; with classical music, however, you get composer, name of the work, opus number, key, orchestra, conductor, soloist, choir, and more.

Primephonic Classical Streaming Update

It is good news, then, that Primephonic's smart search is built from the ground up to finally solve classical music's search problem enabling you to find the exact work, composer or album you're looking for in seconds, and browse the results with ease. A team of classical music experts have been manually inputting this data to ensure the optimum user and search experience for subscribers.

From classic recordings to the very latest releases, the biggest labels to the most obscure indies – the definitive Primephonic catalogue has you covered, with new albums being added every day.

Primephonic's audio player streams music at the highest quality possible. If an album is available in 24-bit, that's what you get.

Primephonic shines a light on classical works, composers and recordings that subscribers don't know yet, but will love. Its hand-picked album suggestions are updated daily, with new playlists covering diverse topics every week. Discovering a new favourite classical work has never been easier. When online, tracks can be streamed at either 320kbps MP3 streaming or lossless 24bit FLAC streaming.

Off-line listening comes via an update on 24th April. From then, you will be able to download full albums of work for easy offline listening at the touch of a button.

A 14-day free trial can be activated on or a full subscription activated from £7.99 a month or from £79.99 a year.


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