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10th January, 2019


The Bristol Hi-Fi Show will soon be upon us and British audio designer Wilson Benesch will debut its new Precision Series loudspeaker line in Conservatory 1 of the Marriott City Centre Hotel.

The Wilson Benesch Precision Series comprises of three new models featuring standmount and floorstanding designs. The contemporary styled Precision Series represents an exciting new entry point into Wilson Benesch’s loudspeaker lines.

CH Precision’s critically acclaimed I1 Integrated Amplifier will power the system.

CH Precision integrated amp

With digital, analogue, phono, USB and Ethernet streaming inputs to choose from, the I1 is designed to become the heart of your compact high-end audio system.

While specified at 2x 100W RMS into 8 Ohms, its internal 1000VA power transformer provides the amplifier output stages with ample energy to accurately and effortlessly drive any loudspeakers, and it will be driving the Wilson Benesch Precisions all weekend.

Installed with its phono stage card that features switchable EQ-curves, the I1 is without question going to be a show highlight.

Wilson Benesch Precision loudspeakers

Wilson Benesch Precision Loudspeakers

The new speaker series comes fitted with the Leonardo Tweeter. The silk-dome tweeter resides at the centre of an additive manufactured carbon fibre composite Fibonacci Element. This radical design is a further extension of the original system developed for the Fibonacci tweeter that made its debut in the flagship, Eminence.

Due to its complex hybrid construction, reflective and absorptive surfaces match the output of the tweeter dome enabling a response that is significantly superior to the plain surface form of a conventional tweeter design.

Partnering the Leonardo Tweeter is the Tactic II Drive Unit. The Tactic II Drive unit has been honed to perfection over decades of incremental and painstaking development. Collaboratively developed in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University every facet of the design has been modelled and analysed using State-of-the-Art FEA simulation.

This third generation version builds upon time-proven materials science that Wilson Benesch brought to the market out of the Government supported Bishop Research project. The Isotactic Polypropylene cone was collaboratively developed with Professor Ward FRS of Leeds University. The Tactic II sets the industry standard regarding optimal stiffness and self-damping. Significantly it affords the possibility of the simplest of crossover designs. Collecting awards of international renown in products such as Resolution, Cardinal and Endeavour, the Tactic II is reference class technology at an affordable price point.

As the pioneer of advanced composite systems based upon carbon fibre, you know that every Wilson Benesch speaker enclosure is going to be special. The Precision doesn't disappoint. Wilson Benesch has distilled the intellectual property developed over three decades within its new loudspeaker line.

Hybridised multi-material construction continues to represent the State-of-the-Art in enclosure design. In the Precision Series, it is deployed via two U-section aluminium elements that create an enclosure geometry that elevates the first resonant frequency several orders of magnitude higher than a flat panel design. In turn, these U-section elements are used as anchor points, enabling high compressive forces to be applied to the members sandwiched between them. The result is a stiff, highly damped and almost silent enclosure with a contemporary design aesthetic.

Clearer Audio cables

Joining everything together in this impressive system is the proverbial cherry on top. British cable designer Clearer Audio is providing all the system cabling.

We are so looking forward to hearing this rig live. Naturally, we are also looking forward to seeing you there too.

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

The Bristol Hi-Fi shows runs from Friday 22nd February through Sunday 24th February 2019. The show will be held at the Marriott City Centre Hotel, Bristol.

To book your tickets for the show head to the Bristol Hi-Fi Show site.

For more information head to Wilson Benesch, Clearer Audio and CH Precision.


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