Polk Audio MagniFi 2 Soundbar Released

Posted on 2nd July, 2020

Polk Audio MagniFi 2 Soundbar Released

Polk Audio has launched the MagniFi 2 soundbar lowering “the entry barrier to a multi-channel home cinema listening experience”, says the company.

The Polk MagniFi 2 joins the MagniFi MAX and MAX SR soundbars and packs surround-sound tech, Chromecast and Google Assistant support for under £500. The fully loaded soundbar offers a new 3D Audio mode that's said to provide virtual height channels for what promises to be an immersive home cinema experience.

Polk MagniFi 2 Soundbar uk hi-fi news

Measuring just 2-inches tall, the MagniFi 2 still manages to feature four 1-inch by 3-inch full-range drivers, and two 0.75-inch tweeters. You also get an 8-inch ported subwoofer bundled in with the deal. The soundbar includes several preset EQ settings for Movies, Music and Sports to suit what you're watching. The handy Night mode lowers the bass and increases dialogue on the soundbar without touching the master volume for when you're the only one still awake. Furthermore, you can manually adjust voice control and bass settings to create the perfect mix for your listening situation.

The MagniFi 2 boasts a trio of HDMI 2.0 inputs, one being HDMI-ARC, and an optical input. Loaded with Polk Audio's patented Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) technology - initially developed by founder Matthew Polk - this is further leveraged for the new 3D Audio Mode to create virtual height channels.

As well as being able to use the remote control of most of the major television manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL, Sony) to change the volume, the MagniFi 2 is a Chromecast audio-enabled device. The upshot here is that you can stream content from Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, Roon, Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal and many more by asking any Google Assistant-enabled speaker. Alternatively, you can just squirt tunes to the soundbar via Bluetooth.

Polk MagniFi 2 Soundbar uk hi-fi news

Michael McCole, senior product marketing manager for soundbars at Polk Audio, told StereoNET:

Many soundbars improve TV sound dramatically, but few offer a compelling, immersive surround sound experience.  Using tools like Polk Audio's patented SDA technology, 3D Audio Mode for virtual height and Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, the MagniFi 2 soundbar is a significant step closer to a multi-channel listening experience at a much more attainable price.

The Polk MagniFi 2 is available now and retails for £499.

For more information, please visit Polk Audio.


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