Posted on 20th March, 2019


Do you own equipment by PMC, Bryston or AVM electronics? Well, PMC, who looks after all these brands in the UK, is launching a performance check service.

PMC has just announced a new service for owners of PMC, Bryston or AVM components which enables them to have those brands of electronics professionally examined and serviced by PMC's trained engineers.

Furthermore, this could prove invaluable if you have purchased equipment by those brands second hand. Additionally, this service could improve resale value should you be looking to sell.

Naturally, the new service from PMC is also there for owners wanting to keep their prized Bryston, AVM, PMC electronics in tip-top condition. The PMC performance check is designed to ensure that every piece of equipment leaving the PMC workshop complies with the product's expected performance levels.

PMC Performance Check Service Certificate

Ian Sutton, divisional director for PMC UK Distribution, told StereoNET:

We have, over the years, received a number of products into the service department that are in need of some TLC. With such complicated and precision pieces of electronics, it is important that any servicing is carried out by trained technicians. Our new performance check service provides exactly that and the peace of mind that comes with knowing the product is performing to its optimum.

All you have to do is contact PMC for authorisation and send your product direct, or via your retailer. Once received, the trained technicians will carry out a series of rigorous performance checks and notify of any corrective work that the team advises.

Checks include removal of internal dust and obstructions; a visual inspection for suspected component degradation; switches, potentiometers and internal contacts cleaned; relay functionality; capacitor condition; wiring loom integrity; terminal, casework, general component and transformer fixings security and external inspection and clean.

Before returning to the customer, PMC will ensure the item is performing within expected parameters for frequency response; signal to noise; distortion and bias adjustment. Finally, a listening test with PMC's standard test programme material will be carried out.

Each serviced product gets a certificate verifying the work has been carried out and will include any advisory notes that the technicians feel you should know about.

The PMC performance check cost is £99 inc. VAT and includes return shipping to the customer within the UK. Well worthwhile in our books.


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