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Piega has just announced its first wireless speaker system, the Premium Wireless series. This new range consists of three wirelessly controllable active loudspeakers plus the 'Piega connect' interface.

Acknowledging the trend towards digitalisation and recognising its increasing effect on our day-to-day lives Piega has introduced a new range that takes advantage of the way some of us interact with music.

Piega Premium Wireless

Digital playlists and music streaming are increasingly used alongside more traditional sources. Internet radio stations from all over the world are able to supply us with our favourite songs. However, this increased mobility took its toll, as the first wireless systems suffered from poor sound quality. Piega has now made its first steps to provide wireless audio at audiophile quality.

Piega Premium Wireless Connect

As well as the new active loudspeakers the Premium Wireless series makes use of the PIEGA connect, a small and easy to use hub that serves as an interface between the wireless loudspeakers and existing sources. Piega connect enables the use of audiophile Hi-Fi components or multi-room systems with the new wireless range. Additionally, as well as digital and analogue inputs, the hub offers Bluetooth aptX for smart device streaming. Signals are transmitted from the PIEGA connect to the loudspeakers via a proprietary lossless digital wireless link to preserve premium sound quality from source to the speakers.

The new active loudspeakers build on Piega's existing Premium series models and feature LDR ribbon tweeters, compact bass/mid drivers and unique aluminium cabinets with a small footprint. Naturally, the svelte, understated Swiss style comes as standard. The active models have built-in amplification from 100W to 200W per loudspeaker depending on the model.

Piega's Premium Wireless System can be installed quickly and simply - all you have to do is connect your amplifier or audio source to the analogue input or one of the digital inputs of the PIEGA connect. You then choose whether you wish to control the volume via your amplifier or PIEGA connect – that's it! The integrated sound processor automatically ensures optimum sound quality: The bass and high-frequency sounds are automatically increased if you are listening at a low volume. At very high volumes, the bass element is reduced slightly to protect your loudspeakers from any overload.

Piega Premium Wireless

Piega's Wireless System operates entirely independently, meaning that there is no need to connect it with your WiFi network. The PIEGA connect, and the speakers just have to be connected to a power supply. The system also has an automatic on/off switching function and does not require any additional remote control.

To ensure optimum operation of the system and the best possible sound quality, the appropriate stereo channel can be assigned to each Premium Wireless loudspeaker. Moreover, you can also preset the installation location with the DSP functions «neutral», «close to the wall» and «corner».

The new system also offers flexibility as you could use the Piega Wireless system with just an audio source and a pair of PIEGA Premium Wireless loudspeakers or go large with a multi-room setup with the network streamer and TV. The integrated analogue output also makes it possible to connect a subwoofer.

Piega Premium Wireless Speakers

Still handcrafted in Switzerland using the highest quality materials and components the Wireless Series is based on the existing Premium Series. The proven design of Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann's curved-backed speakers gives the Premium loudspeakers a shape that's harmonious with any room. The cabinets are constructed from polished aluminium and give the series an elegant and timeless design. The speakers are available in silver, black and white.

Premium Wireless 701

Piega Premium Wireless

The Premium 701 features the outstanding LDR 3056 ribbon tweeter. The tweeter's incredibly thin membrane and perfectly controlled damping give it greater efficiency, a broader frequency range as well as exceptional linearity thanks to the optimised magnet system and new foil layout. Piega tells us that they have put a substantial amount of development and manufacturing effort in the creation of this system with audible results including finely detailed resolution and precise reproduction. The integrated 200-watt amplifier supplies the power required for dynamic and powerful sound reproduction.

Premium Wireless 501

Piega Premium Wireless

The incredibly slim 501 column loudspeaker is only 16 cm wide and about one meter in height. It is the perfect partner for high-quality HiFi systems in small to medium-sized rooms. The two long-stroke 120 mm MDS midrange drivers and the proven LDR 2642 MKII ribbon are controlled by a 180-watt amplifier and help the PIEGA Premium 501 to deliver a homogeneous, highly detailed and spatial soundscape in spite of its modest dimensions.

Premium Wireless 301

Piega Premium wireless

The Premium 301 is a compact loudspeaker with a baffle around the size of an A4 sheet of paper. A 140 mm MDS midrange driver and the LDR 2642 MKII ribbon tweeter behind the removable fabric cover enable all frequencies from 39 to 35 kHz to be radiated homogeneously. Whether on a shelf, a sideboard or on a stand – the PIEGA Premium 301 with a powerful 100-watt amplifier is a full-bodied and elegant loudspeaker for small to medium-sized rooms.

Price and availability

The Piega Premium Wireless series is available to order now.

  • Premium Wireless 301 - £1980 pr
  • Premium Wireless 501 - £3980 pr
  • Premium Wireless 701 - £4980 pr
  • Piega connect - £499

There is also a special package price on the 301 set-up

  • Premium Wireless 301 pr + Piega connect - £1999.00


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