Phonocut - The Personal Vinyl Lathe

Posted on 17th October, 2019

Phonocut - The Personal Vinyl Lathe

Phonocut promises the epitome of cool. Where hipsters buy vinyl, you can cut your own records using this neat personal lathe.

The Phonocut vinyl lathe enables you to plug in an audio cable from any source and cut your own 10-inch record in real-time.


Phonocut just needs a vinyl 'blank' to be placed on the platter, press play on your source and then press the start button. 

The lathe comes with a companion app that formats whatever you want to transfer to the black stuff to fit onto two, 15-minute sides. 

The business end of the Phonocut is the diamond stylus that does the etching on your vinyl's surface. 


We can see both independent musicians and vinyl enthusiasts alike digging the chance to commit recordings to 10-inch vinyl. 

Price and availability

The Super Early Bird price of €999 has now passed, but €1,099 is still much cheaper than getting thousands of records cut. This way, bands and small labels can press to order.

This is one Kickstarter campaign we'll be watching with interest.

Phonocut, if successful, aims to ship in December 2020. Are you going for it?


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