Philips Unveils Latest Bowers & Wilkins-Packing TVs

Posted on 22nd January, 2020

Philips Unveils Latest Bowers & Wilkins-Packing TVs

Philips has taken the wrappers off a pair of new Bowers & Wilkins-powered televisions along with a raft of other 4K TVs.

Philips continues its partnership with renowned British hi-fi brand, Bowers & Wilkins, by announcing a brace of new LCD TVs. Additionally, the Dutch telly-maker revealed new OLED models and more.

Philips with Bowers & Wilkins

Philips + Bowers Wilkins 9435 2020

Kicking off with the larger of the B&W-loaded models, the 9435 features an LCD panel with a direct LED backlight (that's DLED, according to Philips). The 9435 comes in 55-inch and 65-inch flavours and boasts Dolby Vision and HDR10+ as well as Philips's P5 Perfect Picture Processing Engine. The Bowers & Wilkins support comes by way of a stand-integrated soundbar arrangement. Sound is delivered by a 2.1.2 driver configuration with the latter pair being upward-firing speakers that, along with the 9435's Dolby Atmos credentials, will produce a reasonable height sound field.

Philips Bowers and Wilkins 2020

Next up is the 43-inch 9235 which is still kitted-out with Bowers & Wilkins audio, although you do lose the upward-firing drivers. In the stumpier, compared to the 9435, speaker-pedestal you'll find a 40W 2.1 arrangement which will undoubtedly sound better than most standard skinny TV sound systems. Visuals are deployed by an edge-lit LED panel or ELED in Philips' parlance. However, you still benefit from HDR support as well as the P5 Perfect Picture Processing Engine.


Philips 4K OLED 2020

The new OLED models, dubbed the 805 and 855, will land in 55-inch and 65-inch options and features compatibility with HDR10+, HLG as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Audio is provided by a 50W Philips 2.1 system, and the TVs are set off by a new chamfered stand design for the 805, whereas the 55-inch 855 has a new central stand angled to the table, and the 65-inch 855 sports T-arc stand - all finished in dark chrome.

Philips Performance Series

Philips Performance 4K TV 2020

Rounding off the new offerings is the Philips 8505 (Performance Series), which the company describes as being a high-quality mid-range Android 4K LCD. You certainly get a lot of choices as far as screen size goes with the 8505 coming in 43-, 50-, 58- 65- and 70-inch options. The Performance Series sports DLED tech panels as mentioned earlier along with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10+ and HLG compatibility and, of course, P5. Additionally, the 8505 sports a 20W, 2.0 Philips sound system. The 43-, 50- and 58-inch model sit on a swivelling central stand with space for a soundbar whereas the 65-inch model has a non-swivelling arc stand. Finally, the 70-incher's 'sticks stand' can be fitted at two heights, depending on whether-or-not you need space for a soundbar.

All of the new Philips 4K TVs run Android 9.0 as their operating system of choice as well as rocking the company's nifty Ambilight on three-sides.

Prices are still to be confirmed.


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