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29th November, 2018

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Audio Analogue's all-valve sister-company has just launched their Pegaso P50A integrated amplifier.

If the Italian audio brand Pegaso doesn't ring a bell, don't be hard on yourself. Pegaso is only a year old, but it has decades of design expertise and a wealth of hi-fi know-how, thanks to the company's family tree. Furthermore, it plans to specialise on valve-based electronics. First to fly out of the stable is the P50A integrated amplifier.

Pegaso products are built around valves and conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy. Falling under AF Group SRL's umbrella along with the award-winning Audio Analogue brand, Pegaso is collaborating with a team of specialised valve electronics designers and declares a “new chapter” in their history, but with the same goal: to craft reference-quality audio electronics.

Pegaso told StereoNET that they represent

a perfect union between tradition and progress – the warm and involving sound of valves married with the highly technical and sophisticated design philosophy of decades of solid-state experience.

The first product in the Pegaso range is the P50A, a fully balanced 50W integrated class A amplifier. The circuit design is purposefully simple: the preamplifier section is limited to input selection and volume control, while the power amplifier stage is made up of 4 x 6922 and 4 x KT90 valves in a push-pull configuration.

Pegaso P50A

The components used throughout are carefully selected for both sonic performances and for reliability. Furthermore, those components are all tested for long life at high temperatures to guarantee durability. Many of the parts used are custom made to the company's specifications by local suppliers, ensuring a close working relationship and assuring quality control.

The preamplifier signal path is kept as short and clean as possible by using microprocessors to select input and volume level. Four different volume scales are provided to perfectly match the gain to the speaker sensitivity. Bypassing the volume control on one of the inputs enables the P50A to be used as a power amplifier with an alternative preamplifier. Additionally, that input can act as a home theatre bypass input, allowing the P50A to be applied to drive the front left and right channels in a multi-channel set-up.

Pegaso P50A

The Pegaso P50A is available with a silver or black finish and is partnered with a remote control machined in solid aluminium.

Technical specifications

  • Channels 2
  • Inputs 4 RCA / 2 XLR
  • Output power 50W
  • Input impedance 100KOhms
  • Frequency response 10 Hz to 100 Khz (0.5 dB 1W)
  • Signal to noise ratio 83 dBA
  • Total harmonic distortion 0.3% (10W)
  • Dimensions 455 (w) x 175 (h) x 472 (d) mm
  • Weight 26 kg

Pricing and availability

The Pegaso P50A integrated amplifier is available now, priced at £5,750 (incl. VAT).

For more information, go to Pegaso Audio.


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