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Parasound built the new Halo JC5 because its customers wanted an affordable version of the John Curl designed JC1 monobloc amplifier.

Curl was given the challenge of combining some of the JC1’s best features and performance into a single box stereo amplifier. As well, the price had to be much, much less than a pair of JC1s.

So this legendary US designer beavered away and after a long gestation period emerged from his research room with a design for the new amp.

Parasound calls it the Halo JC5.

Now available, the new model is brutishly powerful and all things being equal, is relatively affordable.

Described as an ultra-high performance powerhouse, the JC5 will give its lucky owners 400 watts into 8 ohms per channel on tap. Measured into 4 ohms, the JC5’s power output soars to 600 watts. More assuredly, the JC5 can be switched to mono and bridges with a second JC5. The pair will provide a scary 1200 watts into 8ohms.

Curl opted for an ultra-high biased Class A/AB circuit for the JC5.  The amp outputs the first 12 watts per channel in pure Class A mode. There’s also plenty of current on offer. The JC5 delivers 90 amperes of peak current per channel.

Stability according to Parasound is superb, and the JC5 will remain unfussed powering speakers with a load that dips to 1.5 ohms.

Connections include balanced and gold plated RCA input and loop output jacks. The plugs used for the XLR input are Neutrik locking.

As for the signal path, Curl opted for one that’s direct coupled with not a single capacitor or inductor in the way. As expected, the JC5’s power supply is hefty and includes a 1.7KVa shielded toroid power transformer.

Parasound bundles a premium quality, 12-gauge 3-metre detachable IEC power cord finished with silver soldered connectors with each JC5.

Priced at £6999 and available now, the Halo JC5 is lots of amplifier for the shekels.

For more information visit Parasound.

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